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Stick in, practice, and train hard. If you are really spectacular, you'll get offers.

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Q: How do you become a professional soccer player at age ten?
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Can you still become a professional soccer player if you are 18 years of age?


How old do you have to be to become a professional soccer player?

At The age of 15 16 17 18 19 20 and onwards

What is the average age of a professional soccer player?

30 years old

Can you become professional soccer player when I'm 26 of age?

26 years is a little to late in football, all join when 8 years old.

Is there a age limit for pro soccer?

There is no age limit for a professional soccer player. Most players usually carry on playing soccer in their forties. However many players usually retire when they are below 40.

How old can you become a soccer player?

you can be any age but for a profession team at least 20

Is 25 to late to become a soccer player?

Yes, if you look at most professional players they started their carrer when they were kids but if you just want to play amuter you can play up to any age

What is the peak age of professional soccer players?


What is the latest retirement age of a professional soccer player?

Strikers retire by the age of 33or 35 but goalkeepers play till they are 40 years old.

What are the growth opportunities of a soccer player?

Non, as a professional, you career is limited by time (your age and ability to perform) and your innate skill.

Can you play professional soccer at age 12?

Actually the age is 18 years.

What is the age you have to be to play professional soccer?

I think the age that you have to be professional soccer is 1 years old. thats not very funny :L i actually wanna know the real answer

Is there a way how to decrease your player's age or to stop your player's age growth in the become a legend mode in Pro Evolution Soccer 2009?

send him to the antarctica team.

Is it too late to become a soccer player at the age of 21 if you have no experience before?

yes it is. try darts.

How old is to late to become a professional footballer you are 21?

For American Football, 21 should be around the age for a draft. For football as soccer, I have no idea.

What is the minimum age for professional boxing?

In the United States and in most of Europe, the minimum age to become a professional boxer is 18. In Mexico, you can become a professional boxer at age 15.

How do you get a soccer coaching license in Georgia?

i am living in India . i want to become a professional soccer player and now i am doing bca i.e bacelor of computer application and now i am in first yr . so i want to ask u that how i will get admission in soccer club? what is the minimum age of getting admission in soccer club ? how to apply ? what is the fee structure?

Why did Mia Hamm become a soccer player?

Mia Hamm became a soccer player because she just took in a love for it. At age 5 she played on her first team but by age 13 becomes a Texas all- state selection!

What is the average age of a professional pool player?

In 2012 the average professional pool player is 36 years of age.

What is the average weight of a professional soccer player?

Age: ~Weight: 20 180-200 30 201-230 40 231-250

What is the latest age to get into professional soccer?

i think some players have started as early as age 15

Do you have to be a specific age to become a professional singer?


What age is the youngest goalkeeper in professional soccer?

You aske the question wrong. The answer is 18

How old should a soccer player be?

A soccer player can be any age as long as they are good at soccer. Prime soccer ages are around 22 years old.

What are the benefits of starting the soccer at the age of 9?

At 9 years old you can become a good soccer player.