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practice makes perfect... keeping shooting around. and if your guna be shooting in a game, play with friends so you don't get nervous on the court.

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Q: How do you become a good three point shooter in basketball?
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How do you increase your basketball shooting range?

you work out your arms which are biceps, triceps, and your legs and if you keep practicing shooting from three point range you will become a better three point shooter.

Who is the leading three point shooter in Indiana University Basketball History?

a j guyton

Who is the best three point shooter in NBA history?

The best three point shooter is Ray Allen.

Is there a 4 pointer in basketball?

There is no "4 pointer" purely from a shot, however, should a three point shot be made and the shooter be fouled on the play, a free throw will be awarded giving the shooter the opportunity to complete a "4-point-play"

Who is the tallest player ever to play basketball for Notre Dame?

Keith Kurowski. he was a great three point shooter and to me was very tall. He is my idol

Who is the best three point NBA shooter?

Guys, you are all wrong. The best three point NBA shooter is Kyle Korver, who has a 93% chance of making a three.

Who is the best three point shooter?

Reggie Miller.

What is backpass in basketball?

Instead of passing the ball forward, or laterally, you pass the ball to a trailer on a fast break, or kick it out to a three point shooter while driving to the bucket.

Who is the second best three point shooter in the league?

Jason Terry

Who is the best three point shooter in NBA 2K8?

Ray Allen

Why is Alando Tucker such a good basketball player?

Because he is a really good shooter. Not like Kobe, but at the last minute, he can get the job done. He is good defensively and be careful when he steps behind the three point line. He is a killer behind the three point line. Anonymous.

Who is the best three point shooter on the Miami Heat?

It would be Lebron James.

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