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Well, first you go to Yankee Stadium...

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Q: How do you ask Ichiro to sign a baseball during batting practice?
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Will Ichiro sign autographs during batting practice at away games?

Absolutely not.

What major league baseball player collected the most hits during the 2000's?


When a baseball is thrown after hitting the dirt during a pitch sequence what do they do with them?

Taken out of play and used for batting practice or catch drills.

Why does ichiro suzuki have ichiro on the back of his uniform?

It was during the 1994 season that he began to use his given name, "Ichiro" instead of his family name, "Suzuki" on the back of his uniform. Suzuki is the second most common family name in Japan, and his manager introduced the idea as a publicity stunt to help create a new image for what had been a relatively weak team, as well as a way to distinguish their rising star. Initially, Ichiro disliked the practice and was embarrassed by it; however, "Ichiro" was a household name by the end of the season and he was flooded with endorsement offers.

Ichiro Suzuki wore what number during the 2002 season?


What baseball player holds the record for the most hit in a single season with 262?

Mariners outfielder Ichiro Suzuki set the record during the 2004 season.

What does batting mean?

"Batting" means "striking something with a bat, such as during a game of baseball or cricket".

How early should you go to a baseball game if you want to get balls sign?

To get a baseball signed,it's always good to go during the team's batting practice.Batting practice usually takes place 1 hour before the games

In baseball what is a 5 'o clock hitter?

A hitter who hits really well during batting practice, but not so well during games. These were formerly known as "ten o'clock hitters" or "two-o'clock hitters" back when there were no night games.

What is it called when outfielder catches baseball?

During a game, it's called an out, during practice it's called shagging flies.

What year did Michael Jordan hit a home run during baseball practice?

in year 1997

What is a bat use for during baseball?

You use a baseball bat when you have to hit a ball. You have to also swing it to make the ball move when you are practice.

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