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The grip should have instructions attached to it when you bought it. If it didn't, they are usually applied in the same way: * The exposed end of the grip should be quite pointy. Take this end and place the side of it against the cap at the top of the stick, so that it will unroll at an angle. * Having exposed the adhesive, put the end of the grip to the stick and begin unwinding it around the stick, in the direction of the head. Make sure it is pulled firm and tight, but not so hard that it canot be wound properly or is distorted. * As it is unwound, remove the layer protecting the adhesive so it can stick to the stick. Make sure that there is an overlap of about 2 millimetres between successive windings. * When the overgrip runs out, it should be about halfway down the stick. You should also have received a small piece of tape with the grip. Use it to secure the loose end. If you cannot find it, use a piece of insulation or cloth tape.

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Q: How do you apply a field hockey overgrip?
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