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The popular way is by striking the Golf club on the ground right below the ball with more club speed. Another way to say it is hit the ground before you hit the ball.

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Q: How do you apply MORE backspin on the golf ball?
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What is a backspin in golf?

A backspin in golf refers to placing spin on a golf ball so that when it lands (typically on the green, based on the nature of this shot) it does not continue to roll forwards but instead either stops or actually moves backwards. This is obviously done because the golfer does not want the ball to roll off the back of the green but instead "sit down" on the putting surface. You can achieve backspin on a golf ball typically by placing the ball backwards in the stance so that the club head strikes the ball on a downward path, forcing the ball to roll up the clubface and thereby spinning it backwards. This 'backspin' will continue as the ball moves through the air and come into play when it lands. The higher the loft of the club the easier it is to create backspin.

What weighs more a golf ball or squash ball?

A golf ball weighs more.

What has more matter a ping pong ball or a golf ball?

golf ball

What has more dense a golf ball or a table tennis ball?

Golf ball

Why do you need spin on a golf ball in golf?

All clubs put backspin on the ball (unless you totally duff it). As the ball moves though the air with backspin lift is created. This is called the Magnus effect, it is similar to Bernoulli affect. The spinning creates a pressure differential and thus lift. As to whether or not a ball releases, checks, or spins back upon landing is dependent upon several variables: Spin rate upon landing, angle of decent, angle of the surface, ball velocity, hardness of the ground, and the coefficient of friction between the ball and the landing surface. ANSWER: Back spin on a golf ball causes the golf ball to spin backwards as it travels away from the person who hit the ball. Hitting a golf ball with a back spin will allow the golf ball to travel a great distance with a high arc. Setting a golf ball in motion with a back spin also will help to bring the ball to a stop when it hits the ground.

Which has more mass a ping pong ball or a golf ball?

The golf ball has more mass. Mass is proportional to weight (Newton's 2nd law) and the golf ball weighs more than the ping pong ball, thus the golf ball has more mass.

What weighs more a tennis ball or a golf ball?

a golf ball weighs more than a tennis ball

What has more dense a golf ball or a table tennis?

Golf ball

What is more dense golf ball or a ping pong ball and why?

A golf ball is more dense because it is heavier and has more mass.

Why is golf ball heavier than a ping-pong ball?

A golf ball has more density; therefore, it has more weight.

What is the function of a golf ball?

to play golfPeople uses a golf ball by ....the function of a golf ball is so people can ENJOY golf & can play golf !!:) This is the function of the golf ball more details you could say in order to play golf you need a golf ball, so golf ball is an important item in GOLF !!:)

What bounces more a golf ball or a bouncy ball?

Bouncy ball

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