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Q: How do you adjust the Brushmaster compound bow?
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How do you adjust a Pearson renegade bow?

A Pearson Renegade compound bow may be adjusted by tightening the limb bolts. These bolts will help adjust the weight of the bow. The bolts are hexagonal and need to be rotated in the same manner - the top and bottom. The best way to adjust the bow is to take it to a shop that specializes in archery so they can properly adjust the weight.

How do you adjust the draw length on a Jennings compound bow?

take it into a bow professional store and have them change it becase u could ruin your bow if you do it wrong or it could blow up litterally blow up

What are limb bolts on a bow?

Limb bolts are small components on a compound bow that are used to adjust the amount of draw weight. By tightening or loosening the limb bolts, the tension in the limbs is altered, which in turn changes the draw weight of the bow.

What bows can you adjust the draw length without a bow press?

****Answers**** Every bow you should be able to adjust that.

What is a renegade trophy bow?

It is a compound bow (as in bow and arrow).

What and mechanical bow and arrow?

Compound Bow

What type of compound bow packages are available?

Compound bow packages usually begin at around $400. Typical packages include the compound bow itself, a quiver, arrows, an archery glove, and a bow string guard.

What is the difference between a re-curve bow a cross bow and a compound bow?

recurves a taller crossbows are like a gun compound is a mix

How much is your compound bow worth?

how much is my pse catalyst pro series compound bow worth

How do you determine string or cable length for your compound bow?

what is the string length of a Mathew Mission compound bow

How do you adjust the draw weight for a jennings forked lightining compound bow?

The draw weight should be marked on the bow. You cannot go any higher than the marked draw weight unless your bow has removable limbs, then you could buy limbs with a higher draw weight. You will ruin the bow if you use it with a higher draw rate.

Where was the first compound bow made at?

The first compound bow was made by Holless Wilbur Allen in Missouri, in 1969.