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I use paint thinner (mineral spirits), since I always have some around to install grips. It's a good policy to start with the mildest solvent and work up to nastier stuff only if the first try doesn't work. Acetone, MEK, and Goof-Off will take off almost anything, but they also might destroy your grips or ferrules if you're not careful.

ANS 2 - Goof -Off is the mildest product listed above. Acetone or MEK have definite potential to ruin the finish of your clubs !

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Q: How do you Remove sticker glue from golf shaft?
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How do you replace golf shaft?

Remove the existing one, replace it with a new one.

How do you take your golf heads off?

Most golf club heads are attached with an epoxy resin glue. They are removed by heating the shaft with a torch to loosen the glue and pulling the head free. This can be performed by any proshop for a nominal fee.

What is shaft in golf?

Shaft is the handle of the golf club.

How do you tell one true temper golf shaft from another?

There is usually a small sticker, usually metallic, it is located near the top of the shaft just below the grip. It should tell you which one it is.

Can you glue your golf shaft on with super glue?

NO!! hot glue is not strong enough to hold up to a full stroke or much less be able to stand up to a full game. if it is broken you should take it to a place whear they specilaze in gulf repars

How can I replair my golf club when the head slipped off the shaft I put the head back on the shaft with no problems but the head shifts when I hit a golf ball. I was thinking of getting some glue.?

Use an abrasive on shaft and inside hosel, clean with acetone or alcohol, let dry, use 2 part epoxy on shaft and in hosel, join the 2 together, wipe off excess glue, allow to cure 24 hours before using.

The outer finish 3 inch section on my golf club shaft is peeling off. Its a graphite shaft Wilson Fireball Graphite Driver. What type of glue should I use to fix it.?


What is a bubble shaft on a golf club?

it is a taylor made golf shaft that has a smaller dia at the bottom of the grip .

Does the shaft on a golf club have to be specificly right handed?

No, a golf shaft will fit both right and left handed clubs.

Is the kujikura shaft a good shaft?

Do you mean Fujikura? If so, then yes, Fujikura make some of the best golf shafts in Golf.

What does an Aldila golf club shaft do?

Nothing it is a brand of shaft, the specs in all shafts differ

What is a golf club hosel?

Hosel is the the socket (or neck) in the head of a golf club into which the shaft is inserted.