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In football the manager of the National side will pick the best players from the country to qualify for this you have to either have been born in the country or have a blood relative which then makes you eligible.

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Q: How do the players get picked for the national teams?
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How many players are on the Women's National Basketball Association?

Eleven players per roster X Twelve teams = 132 players

What were rules for expansion draft 1966 for Miami Dolphins?

The existing eight teams were each allowed to freeze 23 players on their rosters. From the unfrozen players, the Dolphins picked four players from each team.

What two teams compete every year in baseball's All-Star Game?

The All-Star game is played between players of the American League against players from the National League. Starting players are elected by popular vote by fans and players. All MLB teams must have a least one player represented in the game and the teams are managed by the previous season's World Series teams managers.

Does the owner pick the players for a NFL team?

Depends on the team. Most players are picked by the General Manager (not the coach) however on a few teams the GM and the owner are the same (dallas Cowboys).

Is Man U in the world cup 2010?

No. World Cup is a competition between national teams, not between clubs. I believe some Man U players, however, are competing in it together with their respective national teams.

How many soccer teams can you go for?

A normal professional player usually can play for many different teams. But, International players usually play for 2 teams - Their national team and Their Pro Football club.

Who was the first girl to join the WNBA?

Players were originally allocated to different teams back in 1997. Vicky Bullett was the first to be allocated. Dena Head was picked first in the Elite Draft. Tina Thompson was picked first in the collegiate draft.

Are the footballing countries using their full national teams?

no only under 23 with three over age players

How many softball players are professional in the major league?

There are 14 teams in the National Pro Fastpitch Softball League.

Why south African players are called pro teas?

The Protea is the national flower of South Africa and that is why all the national sports teams in SA are called proteas.

If you have two soccer teams in front of two soccer teams and two soccer teams behind two soccer teams and two soccer teams beside two soccer teams How many players do you have?

110 Players = 10 teams but there is 12 teams so it would actually be 132 Players

What is the comparison between europeans soccer teams and brazilians soccer teams?

well to me europian soccer clubs have all the stars and brazillian soccer doesnt have that much great players for club but if its for national the there both amazing teams

How are soccer players recruited?

Most are picked up through schools, though it also depends on the league. If you are in a prestigious league with heavy competition, teams will scout alot more.

What is the piece of music played before and when rugby players enter the pitch inspirational instrumental theme?

the teams national anthem

How many players are there on both teams in baseball?

There are around 25 players on both teams.

How many players do the US soccer team have?

Well all national teams, should have 11 players on the field. However they are usually allowed 23 players in the team, for competitions such as the World Cup, Confederations Cup etc...

What is the age limit for mens soccer players in Olympic Games?

The national teams are limited to players under 23 years of age, with three slots available for veterans 23 or older.

How many years will you need in collage to become a NBA basketball player?

You do not have to go to college at all in order to become a NBA player. Most players are picked from college teams though.

What were the Melbourne Vixens called before they had their name changed?

The Melbourne Vixens is the new Victorian team in the ANZC netball competition. In the defunct Commonweath Bank Trophy national league, Victoria was represented by 2 teams - Melbourne Phoenix and Melbourne Kestrels. Players from these 2 teams merged to form the new Vixens teams. The team of 12 has slightly more ex-Phoenix players than ex-Kestrels players.

What are the names of sport teams in Ireland?

for gaa (gallic football or hurling) there are county teams eg. Limerick, Dublin, Cork.or club teams who take a parrish name eg. patrickswell, murroe/boher. gaa games are amature sports ie. players don't get played. players can only play for their local team so there are no transfers. for rugby there is the national team (Ireland obviously)provincial teams eg. Munster leinster, Connacht. and club teams. for soccar/football there's national and club teams. the club teams include, Cobh ramblers, Shamrock rovers, Limerick 37...

There are 92 children playing beach volleyball teams of 6 players are preferred however teams of 7 players will be accepted how many teams can be formed?

In volley ball, teams consists of six players, and if teams of seven players will be permitted both sides can have a compition. There are nintey-two children in this case so only thirteen teams can be formed. However, there will be a reminder of one child which has to be excluded.

What is NFL drafting?

The NFL draft, or player selection meeting, is held annually. During this meeting, the teams in the National Football League can recruit eligible college football players to play on their teams for the following season.

Why are there non-Canadian hockey players on Canadian hockey teams?

Most non-Canadian hockey players have been drafted from American teams to the Canadian teams.

Why is Gaelic football the most popular in Ireland?

It is Ireland's national sport. There are Gaelic Football clubs all around Ireland, about 2500 of them. It is a fast game, high scoring and very entertaining. The top players always play for their local teams, so they have a particular affiliation to their team, unlike sports where players change to play for other teams. The fans also have a strong connection to their local teams and the players. The sport is amateur too.

How old are players on youth soccer teams from pro teams?

It depends on the age category. Youth teams are usually split into divisions by age group. For example, the "U-20" division is for players 20 years old or younger, and "U-17" has players all 17 years or younger. There are more age groups, some places going as low as 4 years old, but these are usually not associated with a particular national team.