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They wear them whenever the NFL tells them to.

AnswerThey wear their brown jerseys when they are on the road and the other team's home uniforms are white.

they always wear the brown jerseys at home.

browns wear their oarnge jerseys when it is throwback week.

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Q: How do the Cleveland Browns decide when they wear their brown jerseys?
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Who is better browns or steelers?

I think the Browns are better cause they have cool jerseys that are black instead of brown and they have Colt McCoy and their from Cleveland in Ohio. And they've never won any championships.

Is there a brown Cleveland Browns helmet?

The Cleveland Browns do not have a brown helmet. They have an orange helmet with a brown and white stripe on the top.

What retailer offers a Cleveland Brown's jersey?

A retailer that would offer a Cleveland Browns jersey for sale would be the NFL Shop website of the National Football League. Also if one lives in the state of Ohio, especially the northern half of the state where Cleveland is located, big box retail stores such as Target and Walmart will have Cleveland Browns jerseys for sale as well.

What does brown stand for in the Cleveland Browns name?

The Cleveland Browns are named after Paul Brown, the franchise's first vice president, general manager, and head coach.

Who were the owners of the Cleveland Browns?

The Cleveland Browns were founded in 1944 by Arthur 'Mickey' McBride and head coach Paul Brown.

Who did Jim Brown play for?

The Cleveland Browns.

Will the Cleveland Browns were brown pants in 2010?


Where did the name Browns in Cleveland Browns come from?

The legend is that the team was named after head coach Paul Brown.

Who wore jersey 32 Cleveland Browns history?

Jim brown

What teams did Jim Brown play for?

Cleveland Browns

What is the brown in Cleveland Browns?

In 1945, boxer Joe Louis a.k.a. the Brown Bomber, was in his prime. The Cleveland Browns voted to adopt a shortened version of his nickname in order to associate the team with winning.

Why or Cleveland Browns called browns?

The legend is that the team was named after its head coach, Paul Brown.

What NFL teams have orange in their colors?

The Cincinnati Bengals have a black and orange color scheme. The Denver Broncos have occasionally returned to their 'orange crush' jerseys from the 1980s and early 1990s as alternates. The Cleveland Browns have orange helmets with brown jerseys. There is also a small amount of orange in the Dolphins' uniforms, also.

Who was the first Cleveland Browns head Coach?

Paul Brown

What was Jim Brown's rushing yards for the Cleveland Browns?


Who was the Cleveland Browns football coach in 1953?

Paul Brown

What are the PMS colors for the Cleveland Browns?

Brown, Orange, and White.

Who founded the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns?

Mike Brown

What pro football team did Jim brown play for?

Jim Brown played for the Cleveland Browns.

What year did Jimm Brown play for the Cleveland Browns?

1954 to 1964.

How did Jim brown become famous?

running back on the Cleveland browns

What team did paul brown coach?

The Cleveland Browns and the Cincinnatti Bengals.

Is Jim Brown's number retired for the Cleveland Browns?

32 14

What year was Jim Brown drafted?

Jim Brown was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the 1957 NFL Draft.

How did the Cleveland brown get there name?

The Cleveland Browns were named, by choice of the players at that time, after their then coach Jim Brown. Coach Brown at first declined having the team named after him, but then later accepted