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The Cleveland Browns are named after Paul Brown, the franchise's first vice president, general manager, and head coach.

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Q: What does brown stand for in the Cleveland Browns name?
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What is the name of the field where the Cleveland Browns play?

Cleveland browns stadium. Its lame but true

How did the Cleveland brown get there name?

The Cleveland Browns were named, by choice of the players at that time, after their then coach Jim Brown. Coach Brown at first declined having the team named after him, but then later accepted

Doc browns middle initial was l in Back to the Future what did it stand for?

His name is Emmet Lathrop brown

Did the Cleveland Browns ever have another name in history?

The Cleveland Rams

Were the Cleveland Browns named after Joe Louis?

In 1946 when the Cleveland Brown organization became established, Paul Brown was the first coach. However, he preferred to name the team, The Panthers. However, since, Cleveland had had a semi-pro team called the Panthers years earlier, Paul Brown reluctantly had the team named after him."AnswerA fan contest was held to name the team. The fans picked 'Panthers' but that was the name of a semi-pro team in Cleveland. Another contest was held and 'Browns' was selected. Paul Brown did not like this but went with what the fans wanted, however, he would tell folks that the team was named after Joe Louis. AnswerIt was named after Clevenland Browns first Paul Brown

What were the Cleveland Browns called before they were called the Browns?

the Cleveland BulldogsAnswerthe Bulldogs were Canton's football team. there was a Cleveland Bulldogs franchise at one point when a Cleveland businessman bought the Bulldogs and combined them wih the Cleveland Indians, which he already owned and changed the Indians name to the Bulldogs. but it was a separate franchise and was never in anyway connected to the Cleveland Browns. the Browns have always been called the Browns since the team was founded in 1946. However, before that, Cleveland's NFL team was the Rams, who moved to Los Angeles after the 1945 season making way for the Browns, who started in the AAFC and then were brought over to the NFL in 1950.

Why are Cleveland called the browns?

The Cleveland Browns are named after Paul Brown. While Paul Brown was the first Head Coach of the team, he was not the first owner as many believe. The first owner was Arthur B "Mickey" McBride. Once he was given a franchise in the AAFC he hired Brown to be Head Coach, along with General Manager and Vice President. Here's the whole story, In 1945, Arthur McBride brought the All-America Football Conference (AAFC) team to Cleveland. He ran a newspaper contest to name the team and offered the winner a $1,000 war bond. Many entries suggested the name "Browns" after Head Coach Paul Brown, but Coach Brown felt it wasn't "proper" to name the team after himself. Instead, the winning suggestion was the Panthers. However, there was a semi-pro team called the Cleveland Panthers in the '20s, and the owner still had the rights to the name. So, Coach Brown reluctantly agreed to name the team the Browns.

What is Cleveland's football team's name?

The Cleaveland Browns

When was Cleveland Browns created?

The Cleveland Browns were founded in 1945 as a charter member of the All-America Football Conference, under businessman Arthur B "Mickey" McBride.

What is Chris Browns last name?

Chris Brown's last name is Brown.

After the Browns moved to Baltimore how did Cleveland get a new team?

As part of the legal agreement to keep the Browns name, history, and franchise records in the city of Cleveland, the NFL promised Cleveland that they would establish another Browns franchise in Cleveland at some point in the future. It took about 4 years for the Browns to be re-established in Cleveland.

Where did Cleveland Brown get his name?

There is no back story as to Why Cleveland is named Cleveland.