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they use a bat...... watch ESPN and youll find that out...... ain't you smart.... lol...

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Q: How do softball players hit a softball off of the field?
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Can softball players lead off?

No, because the field is smaller than a baseball field, they can't. Although they can steal

When is the short stop the cut off person in softball?

when the ball is hit to the left fielder or goes into center field on the shortstops side of second base

What are the offside rules in field hockey?

Currently there are no offside rules in field hockey; except for the 5m distance required of an opponent at a free hit, or that all players must be in their own half for a centrepass. There is no except, there is no off side. The distance that opponents and sometimes your own players, have to be from a free hit, side line hit or corner hit has nothing to do with 'off side'

Where the players sit when they are not on the field?

The dugout. Or, if they're off the field entirely, in the stands.

Does a baseball go further than a softball when hit by a metal bat?

When hitting a softball you can hear the tink off of the bat. When you hit a baseball you hear kind of a slap and therefore when you hit a baseball goes farther.

What is a good reason for not playing softball?

A good reason NOT to play softball is because you can often get hit by the ball in many ways, such as: When you are batting, you can get hit off of a bad pitch. When someone is batting and hits the ball to you and you get hit by it. When you are hit by the ball threw at you, and many others ways. Other than that, softball is a fun sport and I advise you to play it.

How many players on the field at kick off?

11 for each team.

What is the slowest softball pitch?

The slowest pitch in softball is the change-up. It is used to batter swing off-balanced. Off-balanced batters tend to hit more pop-fly's than balanced batters. Pop-flys are considered the easiest out in softball.

What does cor mean in softball?

Cor pronounced as â??coreâ?? in softball simply means the test on how bouncy the ball is when it has been hit. Cor is a way of rating its miles per hour after it bounces off or hit something.

How many baseball players are off the field?

usally about 10 and plus coaches

In baseball what is a walk off hit?

A Walk-Off hit is any hit that occurs at the bottom of the 9th inning (or beyond the 9th if game goes into extra innings) which results in a run or runs scored that will give the lead (and thus the win) to the hitting team. In other words, it's a hit that ends the game and thus the players can walk-off the field.

Why are nfl players allowed to have their helmets off on the field?

In case the play is still going on.

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