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Q: How do physics apply to skateboarding?
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How do you apply physics in your everyday life?


What is quantom physics?

Quantum physics is a theoretical type of physics that does not apply to physical objects.

What is the quantum physics of a moose?

There is no quantum physics of a moose. Quantum physics is a type of theoretical physics, and its laws do not apply to physical objects

Quantum mechanics and quantum physics apply to which of the following?

The apply to the Microworld.

What math and skateboarding?

If your a skateboarder that is also smart like me, then you will know this, math has alot to do with skateboarding, it's simple physics. And the harder the tricks the more complicated the physics get. Ex. If you ride towards a curb, and your thinking about doing a 360 flip, you just need the right height and speed, and your footing is the key component.

How does quantum physics explain a human brain activity?

It does not. This type of physics does not apply to physical things.

When do you apply physics in daily life?


What is the relationship between creme brulee and quantum physics?

Nothing. Quantum physics is a theoretical type of physics that doesn't apply to physical objects.

What is the relation between creme brulee and quantum physics?

Nothing. Quantum physics does not apply to physical things.

How will physics apply to an elementary teacher?

Since everything we encounter in the physical world is, by definition, physics, physics applies to everything--including elementary teachers.

Compare pure physics from applied physics?

In short Pure physics is the theoretical knowledge of concepts of physics, while applied physics is the knowledge of techniques that help to apply this theoretical knowledge to practical problems.

GIVE Example situation of each branches of physics?

give a situation that best apply each branch of physics

How do physics apply in forest?

The concept and laws of physics is the same whether you are in a forest, a meadow, a desert, or outer space.

Distinguish between quantum and classical physics?

Newtonian, or classical physics applies to physical, every day things, while quantum physics is a type of theoretical physics that does not apply to any physical things.

Is skateboarding like skateboarding?

skateboarding is 1/4 like skateboarding

How is physics applied to math and technology?

physics is applicable to math and technology is because it has to do with prove and theory apply to give a particular solution

What does skateboarding have to do with math?

Because skateboarding is a science. no one see's the math behind it. its like physics, all the balancing, and tricks, if you've seen the movie Ice Princess on Disney Channel you can understand better. what goes up must come down, the flips have angles and much much more!

What is the procedure to apply for rechecking of maharashtra state board paper?


What is a g40 and how does it apply to particle physics?

G40 is a supernova remnant. Particle physics is the study particles, radiation and matter. One would be able to study the properties of the G40 by applying the principles of particle physics

How does inertia apply to skateboarding?

Someone moving fast on a skateboard will find it hard to stop quickly because his body has inertia and will resist the change.

What is dimensional consistency and how does it apply to physics equations?

Dimensional consistency is symbolic calculations that involves physical measurements. In physics equations, it is used in calculating the frequency.

How did scientists apply albert Einstein's quation E equals mc2?

This equation has fundamental importance in understanding the nature of our universe, and everything that scientists do in such fields as nuclear physics, high-energy physics, or astro-physics is influenced by it.

What does the suffix on mean in particle physics?

-on means it is a particle. In some cases (quarks) this does not apply

How do you be a phyisist?

You can start by studying a lot of mathematics and physics. Mathematics is an essential components to working in physics professionally. You might find a university that has careers in physics, or similar areas.Then I guess you might apply to a job position where such knowledge is required - this may be in teaching, in research, or in applied physics.

What do quantum physics mean?

They apply to macroscopic scales that do not influenece the physical world around us, so it only applies to things the newtonian physics don't cover.