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Putting the ball back in there stance, putting there feet a little closer together and haveing a very steep swing plane (very upright and hitting down on the ball to sweep underneath it).

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Q: How do golfers make the ball spin backwards?
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Why does a ball come back when you put back spin on it?

When you put a backspin on a ball, the direction of the ball is going backwards. So when it finally hits any surface, it then hits that surface with the direction of the ball forcing it to go backwards...towards you!

How To Do A Double Backflip?

jump up, spin backwards, spin backwards again, land on your feet

What is spin in table tennis?

Spin is when you can make the ball bounce in a funny way. There is: top spin (make the ball spin away from you, back spin (towards you) and side spin (bounces to the sides). You have to angle your bat/racquet in a strange way, like almost horizontally. Rob

What spin helps a basketball go in the net?

Backwards spin

What is spin the ball in rounders?

a spin ball is when you hold the ball with two fingers and point it towards you and spin it outwourds.

Definition of top spin in tennis?

Top spin is when you brush up on the ball with the racquet to make top spin. Top spin is used in tennis to make the ball drop onto the court so it will not go out of play. It is the most common used shot in tennis. It is very consistant.

Why bowling ball curve?

The core of the bowling ball has a weight block so that when you release the ball, the weight block will make the ball spin.

Why does a car move forward while traveling on a road even though its wheels are equipped to spin backwards?

The wheels only appear to spin backwards.

Why does a cue ball always come back?

It doesn't, you can control how the cue ball rolls by using English or hitting the cue ball off center and making it spin. by hitting it lower then center you make it spin backwards once the spin catches, generally after contact with a ball or rail it will want to stop or roll back if hit low enough. same principal is true for all other directions, extra roll forward if hit high, and to the left and right. this is a tough skill to master but is key to being an excellent player

Back spin in table tennis?

'Chop' at the ball, hitting the back of the ball at a very slight angle with the bat at a 70/80ish degree angle with the floor. The ball will float through the air, and when it hits the table on your opponents side, it will spin backwards back towards the net, making it tricky to return.

What causes an engine to spin backwards?


Why does the soccer ball have spots?

The different colors on a soccer ball helps a player judge the spin on the ball. The spin on the ball can affect the trajectory of the ball.

What part of the ball do you hit to hit an inside out forehand?

hi, i am an experience tennis player, and you have to hit the inside of the tennis ball. this way, you can get the spin that will make the ball spin outwrds. i hope this was helpful. rebecca

Why do you need spin on a golf ball in golf?

All clubs put backspin on the ball (unless you totally duff it). As the ball moves though the air with backspin lift is created. This is called the Magnus effect, it is similar to Bernoulli affect. The spinning creates a pressure differential and thus lift. As to whether or not a ball releases, checks, or spins back upon landing is dependent upon several variables: Spin rate upon landing, angle of decent, angle of the surface, ball velocity, hardness of the ground, and the coefficient of friction between the ball and the landing surface. ANSWER: Back spin on a golf ball causes the golf ball to spin backwards as it travels away from the person who hit the ball. Hitting a golf ball with a back spin will allow the golf ball to travel a great distance with a high arc. Setting a golf ball in motion with a back spin also will help to bring the ball to a stop when it hits the ground.

What is the stack and tilt golf swing?

Basically it is where, when you take your backswing you load up onto your left side (for right handed golfers) and when you hit the ball you compress it well, to get more distance and some spin.

Why is volley ball blue and yellow?

So they can judge the speed of spin on the ball, the faster the spin, the ball goes green.

What golf ball has the softest cover?

there are various balls with soft covers, if you want spin it is how you hit the ball,that makes it spin and how much spin

How do you hit a golf ball?

i hit it ok, but i would like to know how to spin the ball back and how to make the ball check, two hits and stop

How do you spin the cue ball in snooker?

To put spin or side on a cue ball you strike the ball off-centre. So imagine a point in the centre of the ball which is half way up from the table and directly opposite to the direction you wish the ball to travel. If you strike the ball around this point you will force the ball to spin. So strike below this point to put backspin on the ball, above this point to put top-spin and either side to put side-spin. Obviously you can impart both top and side or bottom and side by striking the ball towards a diagonal. The spin you put on the ball will act to move the ball in the direction of the spin. This is most notable in back-spin where once the forward momentum of the ball is taken by striking another ball the backspin cause the ball to move in th opposite direction of the strike. The amount of spin placed on the ball can take affect as the ball is moving, so enough side-spin can cause the ball to follow a curved path. The effects of the spin can be improved by tilting to follow the type of spin you wish t impart; so hold the butt of the cue higher to get better backspin or hold the butt lower to get better top-spin. Doing this with side spin becomes difficult as you have to adjust the angle of the strike. In its most extreme you can strike downwards towards the side of the ball to cause it to curve - this takes a lot of practice and you have to be careful you do not damage the table. However I find the most important part of putting spin on the ball is ensuring that you follow through the stroke with your cue and make the stroke smooth and decisive. If you snatch at the cue you will either hit the ball in the wrong place or scoop the ball causing it to jump. I hope you have found this helpful.

What do you do with wool on RuneScape?

spin it into a ball of wool and either sell it or craft it to make items.

How do you make a disco ball light up?

You shine a light of any sort on it and spin it.

What is tennis ball spin name?

Top spin, back spin... There's a few.

What is topspin in cricket?

Top Spin Is A Kind Of Spin In Which After The Ball Bounces, The Speed Of The Ball Increases, And Mostly The Ball Never Turns Sideways.

How do you hit a curveball in tennis?

You have to spin or slice the ball hardly, but if you watch the "prince of the tennis'' before, you will know that a ball can't spin that incredible. The ball curved depends on your strength, just spin your hardest!

Can you hit backwards on 8 ball pool?

Yes, and having the cue ball spin backwards is called draw. It is one of the most important early skills to learn for shooting pool. This is done by striking the cue ball slightly below center and accelerating the cue as you stroke through the cue ball. With practice a draw stroke can easily go 2 full table lengths including the bank at one end.