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Q: How do different materials affect your body when playing sports?
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Will playing sports too much as a kid affect athletes?

James Naismith

Does pleurisy effect you playing sports?

Pleurisy does affect you playing sports. It can cause chest pain with exertion and often causes shortness of breath when a person is running or moving.

How does exercise affect muscles?

by doing work hard like runing playing sports

What is a travel sport?

a travel sport is when you travel the world playing different kinds of sports sports from different cultures and stuff like that

Can adjustment disorder affect your desire to play sports?

Yes of course it will affect your desire tom play sports, let me know what type of sports you've engage of? if that sports you've engage of is different from what you've play before definitely it will affect your desire to play.

How does the environment affect your sports?

because you can only train in the different type of weather

What are sports balls made of?

They are made from lots of different materials which vary from one sport to another.

How does disabiltiy affect sports performance?

It will obviously have its downside to playing and you may find it much harder to play.

Is it wrong for a college guy to hate playing and watching sports?

No different people like different things.

Do sports affect the academic performance of a student?

No, but it is good to show that you have done activity's like sports on your record. But they do not improve grades be playing them.

How does sportsmanship affect sports?

Sportsmanship affects sports positively. Good sportsmanship makes players feel good about themselves and their efforts. This causes people playing those sports to feel good about each other.

How does anxiety affect a sports performance?

It makes them think so much about the anxiety that they can think about the sport the are playing (I'm only 8).