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Win a race

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Q: How do break a maiden race horse?
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What is breaking a maiden in horse racing?

Breaking your maiden in horse racing means that you won your first race. Your maiden race is every race you enter until you win a race.

What is a maiden horse?

A maiden horse is a horse that has never won a race. There are special races called maiden races that only horses that have never won a race can enter.

What do you call a Horse that hasn't won a race?

A Maiden horse.

What do you call a horse that has yet to win a race?


What was the name of secretariat first race?

It wAs called the Maiden Race, which was meant for 2 yr. olds who had nvr won a race before, hence the name "maiden"

Is the ocean of fire still a horse race?

Yes, it WAS a race, it is no longer a horse race.

If the odds of a horse winning a horse race are 2 to 7 then the odds against that horse winning the race are?

If the odds of a horse winning a horse race are 2 to 7 then the odds against that horse winning the race are 7 to 2.

One who rides horse in a race?

Jockey is defined as a person who rides a horse in a race.

What do you call a winless horse?

A maiden.

What do call a winless horse?

A maiden.

What is claimer race?

A horse race in which the owner declares before the race how much the horse will be offered for sale after the race.

Can a zebra outrun a race horse?

No, a race horse can run 40-50mph. a zebra can run up to about 35mph so no a race horse is faster

What is a word meaning winless horse?

A maiden

What do you call a horse that never wins?


Who was the fastest race horse?

Secretariat was the fastest race horse ever.

Rider of a horse in race?

The rider of a horse in a race is called a Jockey.

What are the Origins of the saying it's a one horse race?

Its a one horse race means that it is as easy as winning a race against your own self (horse).

A maiden plate is a race for young ladies?


Who was the best Philly race horse?

well its filly or mare. everyone has there own opinions on who was the best race horse period. So I will give you mine. for me and many others its Ruffian. She won every race she was entered in and set a new tracj record in her maiden race and many others. The only race she lost was her last because she broke down during a match race against the male horse Foolish Pleasure. After that happened match races i think have been stopped. She ran in total of 11 races the first ten were against females only then her 11th was the match race where she broke down and died.

What is the biggest horse race in the world?

the derby is the largest horse race in the world.

How old do you have to be to own a race horse?

You can be as young or as old as you want to own a race horse. If you're a child or a teen though, you must have your parents permission to own the race horse ! You have a responsibility to take proper care of your race horse don't forget !

How do i find blood line history of a Irish race horse?

If it is a registered race horse in Australia try this? my horse is an Irish race horse, but raced in Australia - and he was still on this website (linked in related links).

What do you call an unplaced horse in a race?

A horse that doesn't place when running in a horse race is sometimes referred to as an "also ran". This is a horse that finishes out of the money.

What do you call a young thorough race horse?

a young thorough race horse of course!

What part of speech is his horse was trained to race?

"His horse was trained to race." is a simple sentence.