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If you want to be a cheerleader, you need to find out when the tryouts for your school are. Then you need to sign up for them. While waiting to hear if you can try out, you should praactice several of your tem's cheers, so that the judges can see what you will bring to the squad.

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Q: How do I make cheer tryouts?
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What time of the year are cheer tryouts usually held?

serious competition cheerleading tryouts are usually in May or June

Can you make a cheerleading squad with your friends?

well you could make the cheer team with your friends but it all depends on how good you did and how good your friends did at tryouts

How do you to totally mess up cheer tryouts?

Show up drunk?

What is a good chant for cheer tryouts?

lets go what ever team it is

What do you do in eighth grade cheer tryouts?

Usually you learn simple things like toe touches, pikes, etc. You will probably learn a cheer or 2 and a cheer/dance routine. Tryouts usually last 3 to 4 days and on the last day you show the coaches all that you've learned.

How can you make it in cheer tryouts?

Smile, look confident, be loud, outgoing, know your stuff, be sharp in motions, dont be scared and have a good time!

What are the release dates for The Most Popular Girls in School - 2012 Cheer Tryouts 2-13?

The Most Popular Girls in School - 2012 Cheer Tryouts 2-13 was released on: USA: 18 June 2013

How do you make the high school cheer team?

well if ur school has a cheer squad every once in a while they will have tryouts. if u do well in these tryout u will be selected to join the cheer squad. just do ur best at tryouts and practice a lot you should get in. my tip. do a rueteen or solo that another cheer leader has done on ether t.v or ur school squad. maximum ride girl :)

What do you tell someone who didn't make the football tryouts?

"Sorry, you didn't make the tryouts"

Would these shoes be okay for cheer tryouts?

Any tennis shoes you have are alright for cheer tryouts(: But, preferably a white, flat bottom, narrow shoe would work better! Either way, just make sure you are comfortable & they are shoes you do your best in! If you still would like to know what would be the best choice, just search what cheer shoes look like or go to a shoe department/ sports store & look at the Nike or Adidas cheer shoes! Best of luck I hope you make the squad! Cheerdancelove16

How do you cheer lead for youngsters?

if you go to an elemntry school you should have a football team and you can ask if they have cheerleading tryouts

All-star cheer tryouts?

depends on the gym. google the gym and their website should pop up.

What happens in high school cheer tryouts?

It depends on the high school but typically a cheer and a dance are taught to the people trying out and they perform both along with a jump and any tumbling they have.

Can cheer tryouts be in the beginning of the school year?

I guess depending on the school? But most likely yes , so you can get your routine done and be ready for all the competitions in the cheer season . :)

Is it hard to make an Afl roster in open player tryouts?

IT is easy to make an roster in open player tryouts

What to wear to cheet tryouts?

What you should wear to cheer tryouts unless the coaches tell you diffren are, shorts preferably school colors! shirt either white or a school color, and cheer shoes! if you dont have cheer shoes try to wear white ones or ones that are a school color! DONT FORGET A HAIR BOW!!!!!! (school colored)! hope this helped u! love always :) Miss.cheerleader

What do you think are the best jumps for a cheer for tryouts?

A toe touch is by far the best jump. Most importmant thing.....point your toes!!

What do you bring to cheer tryouts?

comfortable shoes and yourself is all that you should bring to a tryout they look for smiles and how approachable you are also good luck

Do some cheer squads make their players cheer with vibrators in?

No, a cheer squad would not make their cheer players cheer with anything inside them. Rumors like this are started by younger children.

Find three sentences and write them in order-In the spring we have cheerleading tryouts they last two weeks twelve girls are chosen to be on the squad?

In the spring we have cheer leading tryouts. They last two weeks. Twelve girls are chosen to be on the squad.

What do you do in cheer tryouts?

well it depends what grade your in if u r in middle school the coaches make up a cheer and u have to learn the words and motions and then u have to show your tumbling skills, ur jumps, and your splits if your in high school then u have to get a group of people who are trying out and your group has to make up a short cheer and show ur tumbling, jumps, splits, ect. Right.Most of the time when your in Middle schol and yuou want to try out than you have to learn a cheer and dance then you perform it to the judges and then you do jumps,tumbling,spirit,and ect.

How hard is tryouts for cheerleading in middle school?

cheerleading tryouts in middle school are easy if you are prepard and all you half to do is rember the cheers that they each you and do 1 of them at tryouts then you half to pay if u make the squad.

What should i do if cheer tryouts are in less than two weeks and i have never trained?

You should try as best as you can and practice if you really want to do it, but if not don't stress too much.

Where are singing tryouts?

there are singing tryouts at!

How can you bring cheer leading into your school?

1. Make sure your school can afford it 2. Start an athletic team mostly football 3.Host tryouts 4.Ask principal is it okay