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Q: How did they get the team colors for the Cleveland cavaliers?
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What can be seen on the logo of the Cleveland Cavaliers?

The logo of the Cleveland Cavaliers has a basketball in the background, with a cavaliers sword piercing the name of the basketball team. The logo features the teams "wine and gold" colors.

Who is a better basketball team the Dallas mavericks or the Cleveland cavaliers?

The Cleveland Cavaliers

The musician Usher owns part of what NBA team?

i think its Cleveland Cavaliers

What is the name of the basketball team in Cleveland?

The Cleveland Cavaliers

How many men on the cavaliers team?

How many players on the Cleveland Cavaliers Basketball team

What NBA team does Kyrie Irving play for?

Kyrie Irving plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

How many men on the cavaliers teambasketball team?

How many players on the cleveland Cavaliers basketball team

What are the Cleveland cavaliers current colors?

white, wine, and gold

What team was lebron james before heat?

Cleveland Cavaliers

What does Cavs stand for in Cavs Schedule?

Cavs stands for Cleveland Cavaliers which is a team in the NBA. The Cavs Schedule refers to a schedule of the times and opponents of the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA team.

What team is Shaquille O'Neal curently playing on?

Cleveland Cavaliers

What team is Shaquille O'Neal playing on in 2010?

the Cleveland Cavaliers