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The design is more nice

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Q: How did the design of Olympic medal change over the years?
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In which years did Pakistan win hockey olympic medal?

1960,1968 and 1984

How much does an olympic skier train?

They train for years because they really want to get that gold medal!

Who is the youngest olympic gold medalist?

Marjorie Gestring was 13 years and 268 days old when she won a gold medal in the three meter springboard in 1936. She never won another Olympic medal.

Who is a famous Philippine Olympic athlete?

Manny Pacquiao didn't participate in the Olympics ever. Weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz in 2016 won an Olympic silver medal, it was 20 years since the Olympics won an Olympic medal. The Philippines has never won a gold medal since it started participating in 1924.

Who won the olympic gold medal for hockey in the years 1964 1968 1972 1976?

The Soviet Union

How old was Ryan bayley when he won his first medal?

Ryan Bayley was 22 years old when he won his first Olympic medal at the 2004 Games in Athens.

James B Connolly won the gold medal in which Olympic event?

James Brendan Connolly became the first Olympic champion in 1527 years when he won the gold medal in the triple jump(hop,step and jump)at the 1896 Olympics in Athens.He won the silver medal in the same event ,four years later in Paris.

How many grams of gold a Olympic medal had?

1.34, you should know though as I'm 11 years old

What is the difference between a World Champion and an Olympic Champion?

A world champion has won first place at their sports "World Championships". An olympic champion has won first place, a gold medal, in their sports olympic competition. While the World Champion can change every year, olympic champions can only be toppled off their perch once every four years.

What year did Kobe Bryant compete in the Olympic Games?

Kobe Bryant competed in the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games. Both years a gold medal was won by the United States of America

What boxer was presented with a gold medal at the 1996 Olympic games to replace the one he threw away years earlier?

Muhammad Ali.

What years did Mia Hamm win Olympic medals and how old was she?

At the age of 15, she won the Olympics Gold Medal in 1996 in Atlanta. In the 2000 Sydney Olympics, she brought the silver medal. She was 29.

How has the design of the crossbow change over the years?

it used to be a drugy but now its not

Who is the oldest gymnast to win an Olympic gold medal?

According to Oldest Gymnastics Female Gold MedallistAgne Kelleti of Hungary was 35 years and 332 days old when she won medals on floor, balance beam and uneven bars in 1956. Oldest Gymnastics Male Gold MedallistManilo Pastorini was 41 years and 117 days old when he was one of the 27 members of the gold medal Italian team in the 1920 Olympic games. Oldest Gymnastics Medallist -- WomenEthel Seymour who was 46 years and 222 days old won a team medal as a member of Great Britain's bronze-medal winning team at the 1928 Olympic Games. Oldest Gymnastics Medallist -- MenLucien Demanet of France was 45 years and 266 days old when he won a team bronze medal at the 1920 Olympic Games.

Who was the youngest Australian to win a gold medal?

Sandra Morgan (later Beavis) was the youngest Australian to win an Olympic Gold Medal. She was 14 years old at the time and won it at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics.

How old was Tara Lipinski when she won the Olympic gold medal?

Tara Lipinski was 15 years old when she won a gold medal for Ladies' Figure Skating at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan. She became the youngest Olympic gold medalist in ladies' figure skating in an individual event.

When was Badminton first included in the Modern Olympic Games?

Badminton first appeared as a non-medal sport at the 1972 Games in Munich. It was not played again for 20 years until, at the 1992 Games in Barcelona, badminton debuted as a medal sport and has been included in Olympic sport ever since.

Who was the oldest Olympic athlete of all time?

That title is held by Swedish shooter Oscar Swahn who won his sixth Olympic medal at the 1920 Antwerp Games at the age of 72 years and 280 days old.

How old was nadia comaneci when she won olympic gold?

Nadia was 14 years, 252 days old when she won her first Olympic gold medal, in individual all-around gymnastics, at the 1976 Games in Montreal.

Why are the Olympic Games celebrated?

Every four years (every time they are celebrated) they change countries.

Who was the oldest women to ever win an olympic gold medal?

Sybil Newall of Great Britain in double round archery at the 1908 Games in London. She was 53 years, 275 days old when she won the gold medal.

Who was the youngest person to win a gold medal in the Winter Olympics?

South Korean speed skater Kim Yoon-Mi won a gold medal at the 1994 Olympic Game in Lillehammer, Norway when she was 13 years old.

How old is the oldest competitor to participate in the Olympics?

Oscar Swahn was 72 years old when he competed in the 1920 Olympic games and he won a silver medal in shooting.

Who was the youngest athlete to ever win an Olympic gold medal in Australia?

Michael_Phelps15 years and 9 months, the youngest man everto win swimming meddles

How old was chris hoy when he first got a cycling medal?

Chris Hoy was 24 years old when he won his first Olympic medal, a silver in team sprint, at the 2000 Summer Games in Sydney. He was 23 years old when he won his first medal at the World Championships, a silver in team sprint, at the 1999 World Championships in Berlin.