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Q: Who is the youngest olympic athlete?
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Who was the youngest ever female Olympic athlete?

non of them are correct

Who was the youngest athlete to win an Olympic Gold Medal?

Shaun White

Who is the youngest athlete to win Olympic Games gold medal?

Tara Lipinski

Who was the youngest Olympic athlete of all time?

gymnast 17 year old emaliy

Who is the youngest athelete competing the olympic games?

The youngest athlete at the 2008 Beijing olympic games is probably 14 year old diver from Great Britain, Thomas Daley.

Who is new zealands youngest and oldest athlete at London 2012 olympic games?

mark Todd

Who was the youngest athlete to ever win an Olympic gold medal in Australia?

Michael_Phelps15 years and 9 months, the youngest man everto win swimming meddles

Who is youngest pro triathlete?

If you have a younger sister or brother, they are the youngest pro athlete.

What is the simile for the rose petals are as delicate as...?

The rose petals are as delicate as an Olympic Athlete.

Who is the youngest 2012 olympics athlete?

The youngest athlete aged 13, Adzo Kpossi, of Togo in Swimming. There are seven athletes aged 14.

Who is the youngest US 2008 Olympic athlete?

"The youngest U.S. team members will compete together as part of the women's 10m synchro team in diving. Both 15, Mary Beth Dunnichay (Elwood, Ind.) edges partner Haley Ishimatsu(Seal Beach, Calif.) as the youngest U.S. athlete. "bttp://

Who was the youngest athlete in this year's Olympic Games?

At the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games the age requirement was only 14 years old. Many young 14 year old athletes competed in the games.

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