Why wasn't the Olympic games in the ancient Olympics?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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it was in ancient olympic

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Q: Why wasn't the Olympic games in the ancient Olympics?
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When did women first participate in the modern Olympic Games?

Women were first allowed to participate in the 1900 Olympic Games in Paris and Charlotte Cooper was the first woman gold medalist, winning the ladies singles event in tennis.

Why did the women in the ancient Olympics offend Zeus?

because they wasnt alowed to take part

Did the ancient Greece do the Olympics because it was healthy for the men?

No it wasnt because they wanted to be healthy or olympics was healthy it was because women werent llowed to participate back in time when olympics was first a world heritage.

Where was the last Olympics hosts your?

It was in germany wasnt it?

How was the Olympics diffused to the rest of the world?

it wasnt

What was mahe drysdale illness at the olympic games?

he caught a bug at the opening ceremony it wasnt a particular sort of illness just a bug, a really bad bug

What countries participated in the 1908 Olympics for football?

Pretty sure there wasnt any football at the 1908 Olympics

Why wasnt Beijing the perfect location for the 2008 Olympics?

because it sucked

Who won the gold medal for Men's football at the 1908 Olympics?

Pretty sure there wasnt any football at that stage at the Olympics

Why wasnt there an Olympics in 19161940 and 1944?

World War I and II took place during these years.

Who is the god of sports in greek?

Ever heard of Nike? Where do you think they got it from....he was the greek god of victory. The gods were surrounded with the theme of competiton. all types of sports and physical strength. See, the gods fought with eachother even if they weren't a god of 'competition' or 'strength'. It just happened.

What year was the Melbourne olyimpics?

The Melbourne Olympics where held in Melbourne in 1958 and i wasnt alivei loves all