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Her brother was playing before her and her sister started after her.

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Q: When did mia hamms brother and sister start playing soccer?
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What is Mia hamms playing position in soccer?

Mia Hamm was a forward.

What is mia hamms soccer number?


What was Mia Hamms first team?

Mia Hamms first team was in a soccer league in her home town

What is mia hamms favorite activities?

her favorite activities are soccer, American soccer.

What is mia hamms soccer shirt number?

she's #9

Are mia hamms sister older than her?


When did mia hamms brother garret die?

In 1997

Who is Garrett hamm?

'''''Garrett Hamm is soccer superstar MIa Hamms brother but Garrett was adopted by the Hamms when he was 8 years of age,''''' '''''I hope this answered ye question!''''' '''''Garrett Hamm also died at the age of 28 from aplastic anemia'''''

What is mia hamms job?

mia hamm is a soccer player so ya

What was Mia Hamms main accomplishment?

olympic medal women soccer player

Is Mia hamms brother Garrett older then her?

mia hamm's brother Garrett is older by three years

What happened in Mia Hamms later years of life?

she is still alive but is retired from soccer

What was Mia Hamms's hobbies before becoming a soccer player?

cooking, golf, and watching basketball

Did Mia Hamm's family adopt kids?

Yes, I had to do a report on her... When she was involved in soccer, the Hamms adopted a boy who became Mia's influencial brother. I can't remember his name though, but he was older than her.

What were Mia hamms interests?

to play soccer just like her older brothers and sisters and have fun with her life

What are Mia Hamms talents?

Mia Hamm is a gifted athlete. She played soccer professionally and for the United States in the Olympics.

What are mia hamms hardships?

One of Mia's hardships is when her adopted brother Garrett passed away in 1997.

Who is mia hamms husdand?

mia hamms husband is nomar garciaparra

What is mia hamms favorite color?

mia hamms favorite color is purple

When did Mia Hamm retire?

december 9, 2004 Mia Hamms last game as a pro soccer player was during the Athens Olympics (2004)

Picture of mia hamms brother and sisters?

She has one brother named Garret. But he died shortly after the 1996 Olympics of a bone marrow disease. Mia Hamm started a bone marrow research foundation.

What is mia hamms number?


Who was mia hamms grandparents?


Who is Mia's best friend?

Mia Hamms best friends name was Emily, she supported Mia through every thing even when her brother Garrett died

Who was Mia Hamm's first best friend?

her best friend name was Emily. Emily always supported her through out everything Mia Hamms is the best soccer star and you should no that.