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Well basically, when you do dancing, you do alot of moving about so you get fitter and more healthy. You can do dance workouts and they are sports. Dancing isn't a big sport like tennis or Netball but dancing is a sport. Hope this helped :)

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Q: How did dancing become a sport?
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Related questions

Is tap dancing a sport?

* YES! If volleyball is a sport, DANCING is a sport! No matter which kind of dancing! * yes, tap dancing is defanitly a sport

Is dancing not a sport?

Some dancing is a sport such as ice dancing. However most dance is an art form.

Is dancing a sport?

Yes, dancing is a sport as it has competitions, competitors and judges its basically figure skating but not on ice all figure skating is is dancing on ice and its a sport. Therefore I conclude dancing is a competitive sport not only for women but for men too.

Is compettion dancing a sport?

I'm pretty sure it is. I consider dancing a sport.

Is lap dancing a sport?

Lap dancing is not a sport, it's adult entertainment.

Is highland dancing a sport?

Its dancing, thats why they call it highland DANCING.

Is hip hop dancing really a sport?

well technically all dancing is a sport because its a physical activity so yes hip-hop dancing is a sport...i dance btw. :) :P

Is ballroom dancing an Olympic sport?

No. There is no dancing in the Olymics. Only gymnastics.

When did cheerleading become and official sport?

A judge recently ruled that cheerleading was not a sport. As a fellow cheerleader, I beg to differ. Cheerleading combines gymnastics, dancing, and even weight lifting.

Is pop dancing an Olympic sport?

Yea pop dancing is an Olympic sport because it is modern and they do all types of modern dancing in the Olympics! I hope this helped you

What sport popular sport that are played in rome?


Why ballroom dancing is categorized in dance sport?

because its dancing.

Where is dancing?

dancing isn't a place it's a sport or a movement!

Is dancing a activitie?

Yes, dancing is an activity as well as a sport.

What is the safest sport in school?

Well no sport can be safe, but dancing is I guess. And yes it is a sport.

How long has icing dancing been an Olympic sport?

Ice dancing first became a medal sport in the winter olympics of 1976.

Is Ballroom Dancing a sport in the Olympics?

No, as of 2012, Ballroom Dancing is not an Olympic sport. There is a good possibility of Dancesport (the name for competitive ballroom) becoming an Olympic sport in the future though.

Is drillteam a sport?

No it is dancing

Is dancing a girls sport?


Is dancing a sport or a hobby?

Dancing is actually a sport and a hobby. Dancing hobby: For example, Ballerinas. They dance and its like a hobbie. :p ( Hope that help)

Is music a sport why or why not?

Music is not considered a sport. Some people consider dancing a sport, but technically it is not. Music is not considered a sport because it doesn't require much physical activity. The only physical activity involved is dancing.

Is ballroom dancing a sport?

Yes dance is a sport ballroom dance is a type of dance so yes it is a sport

Is dance a Olympic sport?

Yes, Ballroom dancing is an Olympic sport.

Is belly dancing a sport?

it will never be a sport becuase it eats u

What is Harry's favorite sport?

Pole dancing, and yeah, that is a sport, baby.