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Basketball was invented in America by a P.E. teacher to begin with. Many people loved the new game he invented, and it started spreading rapidly. Eventually, the sport was made into a professional sport, the NBA, and caught on quickly.

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Q: How did basketball become an American sport?
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What year did basketball become an american sport?


How did the American basketball player Bill Walker become famous?

The American basketball player Bill Walker became famous by being an excellent athlete in the sport of basketball. He was drafted 47th overall in the 2008 NBA draft by the Washington Wizards.

Is basketball an Asian sport Quote- by Angelo Paule?

Basketball originated in Springfield, Massachusetts, making it an American sport

What is the oldest true American sport not derived from another sport?


When did basketball become a major sport?

on january18,1896 when the first game of basketball was played

What was the game basketball impact?

The game of basketball has become a very professional sport

When did basketball become a professional sport?


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Which American sport is due on December?


When did wheelchair basketball become a paralympic sport?


What sport did amercian football originate?

American basketball

Is basketball an Asian sport?

actually it's American

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When did American football become a sport?

Yes, American Football is a sport.

When did the NBA height become 10 ft?

when the sport of basketball was invented

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How did the basketball become a sport?

The sport of basketball originates in 1891 when James Naismith played the game in a gym class. The sport evolved to include hoops and baskets and is now one of the world's most popular sports.

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Which sport has the most fans in the US?

Probably American football or basketball.

Why did basketball become a professional sport?

The same reason why any other sport became a professional sport: because people became very talented at it.

How Michael Jordan become involved in the sport?

By watching basketball,then he got involved.

When did basketball become a sport in the US?


When did the sport basketball become popular?

Basketball was founded in 1891, but the NBA was only founded in 1946. During the mid-1950's it was a very popular college and university sport.

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basketball is a popular sport around the world. American football is also starting to become popular, but it's still struggling. another is - dare I say it - soccer.