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You dont need much muscle for Ballet

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Q: How did a girl with muscle weakness take ballet for so many years?
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Is there any ballet boarding school for 12 years old girl who is so in love with ballet?

ABA American Ballet Academy

What is ballet and ballerina?

Ballet is a type of dance and ballerina is a girl who dances ballet

When was Ballet for a Girl in Buchannon created?

Ballet for a Girl in Buchannon was created in 1969-08.

How long would it take a 13yr old girl to learn ballet?

it will take 27,000 years for them to learn ballet b ecause they probably suck

Did a girl or a boy invent ballet?

Precursors invented ballet.

What is the ballet coppelia?

It is a ballet about a doll that looks like a really pretty girl and a man sees this doll and mistakes it for the girl.

What are the release dates for The Ballet Girl - 1916?

The Ballet Girl - 1916 was released on: USA: 24 January 1916

What is a nutcracker ballet?

The Nutcracker Ballet is the name of a ballet in which a little girl dreams of her toy nutcracker becoming a live soldier.

What is the name of the ballet with a boy named Fritz and a girl named Clara?

The Nutcracker Ballet

Why does girl power feel old compared to the superior muscle girl power?

because girl power had beef with muscle girl power and muscle won, making it superior

What is super girl weakness?


What is customary to give a girl on her first ballet function?

I would give her a charm of a dancer or ballet shoes charm.

Does hawk girl have a weakness?

Hawkgirl is an immortal.

Who is the 2014 American girl?

Julia! A girl who loves animals or jade! A ballet dancer or delta!

How long did it take Edgar Degas to make Ballet Girl?

To which of Degas' works of ballet do you refer? To my knowledge, Degas is best known for paintings, drawings and bronzes of ballerinas and race horses. I am not familiar with a work specifically entitled "Ballet Girl", but would welcome an opportunity to be enlightened.

A female ballet dancer what is called?

A female ballet dancer is called a ballerina. She is a beautiful, graceful, hardworking girl.A dancer, a ballet dancer, a danseuse or a ballerina (an all-purpose compliment for every girl who dances).

Girl who gets a nutcracker?

The name of the girl is Clara, if that is what you're asking. The ballet is called Clara and the Nutcracker.

What does winifred sing in ballet shoes?

a pretty girl is like a melody

Who is the most famous girl to do ballet ever?

Probably, Anna Pavlova

Who is the girl of the year 2014?

Isabelle, a ballet dancer from Washington DC

Can a fat girl do ballet?

Of course a fat girl can do ballet. Iit would probably help the fat girl to loose weight unless its out of their hands meaning there is nothing that they can do. Like they can work out all the time and eat right but nothing happens. It's out of their hands.

Why did Anna pavlova become a dancer?

From early on, Anna's active imagination and love of fantasy drew her to the world of ballet. Looking back on her childhood, Anna Pavlova described her budding passion for ballet accordingly: "I always wanted to dance; from my youngest years...Thus I built castles in the air out of my hopes and dreams." When Anna was 8 years old, the wide-eyed little girl declared she was resolved to become a ballet dancer

What does someone mean when they say that they have a weakness for you Especially when a guy tells a girl that he has a weakness for her.?

He likes her so much that she has some control

In the nutcraker who gave the girl the nutcraker?

In the ballet The Nutcracker,the girl is named Clara and her grandfather gives it to her as a Christmas present

What is the name of a movie where a girl dances in a ballet and later dies?

The red Shoes was a morbid film about Ballet/ known to me only from TV guide and similar reviews.