How did Jackie Robinson feel in his childhood?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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he felt sad

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Q: How did Jackie Robinson feel in his childhood?
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What team Jackie Robinson played for?

what was jackie robinson's childhood

What are facts about Jackie Robinson's childhood?

as a little boy Jackie Robinson moved to California.

Was Jackie Robinson in a gang in his childhood?

Yes he was

Was Jackie Robinson wealthy in his childhood?


Who were Jackie Robinson's childhood friends?


What does Jackie Robinson feels?

Jackie Robinson felt sad and angry when he was a childhood because he was a negro and his family was poor

What did Jackie Robinson do in his childhood?

He played allot of baseball

What the main idea of Jackie Robinson childhood?

i think his childhood is trying to achieve his goel

What sports did Jackie Robinson play in his childhood?

Baseball stupid

What did Jackie Robinson feel?

Jackie Robinson felt very excited but nervous of being the 1st African American in baseball.

How did Jackie Robinson contribute in the 1920's?

jackie robinson was born in 1919 so the 1920's would have been his childhood, so he didnt contribute much to the 20's.

Why did Jackie Robinson have a tough childhood?

Because of racism and because his father left them at an early age