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You can stand 3 feet away or as wide as the diameter of the center circle.

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Q: How close can you stand to the goal shooter in the circle?
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Where can the goal shooter stand from a centre pass?


Can the wing attact goal shooter and goal attact stand together when it is there teams centre?

the wing attack and goal attack can. not the goal shooter...

Where can the goal shooter go in netball?

the goal shooter can go into the shooting circle and up to the transverse line closes to their hoop.

What is the playing position of the goal shooter in netball?

Attaking goal third including goal circle

Who is allowed in the shooting circle?

The GK, GD, GS and GA (Goal Keeper, Goal defense, Goal shooter and Goal attack.)

What does the gs in netball do?

gs stands for goal shooter They are allowed in the attacking goal third and semi circle. They are the shooters

What responsabilitys does a goal attack have in netball?

The Goal attack is a shooter with the goal shooter. The goal attack has to try to run out and receive the centre pass and try to get it in the shooting circle to score a goal and they have to do all this while trying to stay away from the goal defence.

Who marks goal shooter?

the goal keeper would mark the goal shooter

How many positions are allowed to enter the semi-circle in a game of netball?

four positions are allowed into the semi circle also known as the "D" or "goal circle". those positions are GD (goal defense) GA (goal attack) GK (goal keeper) and GS (goal shooter)

What is the difference between goal keeper and goal shooter?

a goal keeper saves the ball and the goal shooter shoots the ball

What does the GK in netball do?

The GK is the Goal Keeper and is allowed in the Goal circle and Goal third. She defends against the opposing Goal Shooter. She must mark the Goal Shooter and try to intercept passes into the Goal Circle; She must recognise the need to Mark the GS away from the Goal Post and defend the shot at goal and position for a possible rebound under the post. She must take Backline Throw-in accurately. It is good for the GK to be tall, agile and must be good at intercepting and position herself tactfully in the goal circle to upset the shot encourage long shots into the Goal.

The positions in a netball team and the role of each position in terms of where they are allowed to be on the court?

C-Center: Allowed to run the whole court except for the goal circles. WA-Wing Attack: Middle:Center and your goals third except for the goal circle. WD-Wing Defense: No goal circle. Center half and both thirds. GD-Goal Defense: Oppenents goal circle, third and Center. Not your goal circle nor your third. GA-Goal Attack: Your goal circle, third and center. No oppenents goal circle. GS-Goal Shooter: Your goal circle and third. No oppenents goal circle, third and center. GK-Goal Keeper: Oppenents goal circle and third. No center, your third and goal circle.

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