How can you practice for basketball?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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you can get in shape by running then practice dribbling and then shooting from the inside to the outside shots then defence plays and drills and offence drills and finally scrimmage.

  1. tress the fundamentals (you should spend 75% of your practice time working on fundamentals).
  2. Incorporate drills that simulate game situations.
  3. Vary drills.
  4. Use motivation phrases from the great players.
  5. Show your passion and determination in practice--not just in ga
  6. .keep practicing the basics
  7. Focus on specific basketball skills in drills.
  8. Mentally approach practice as you would a game.
  9. Don't practice sloppy.
  10. Know and practice up to your position expectations.
  11. Use scrimmages that are competitive.
  12. Study and know the rules of the game.
  13. Encourage, Support, Demonstrate and Improve.
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Q: How can you practice for basketball?
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