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to pass the tryouts, practice, practice, practice. also make sure of the following things:

  • MOTIONS: Tight, sharp motions. no spaghetti arms, no loose wrists, hands in fists/blades, tight knees, punch the motions.
  • JUMPS: the thing that makes a jump look good is the sharpness and tightness of the jump. tight arms, straight legs and pointed toes. before you start the jump, go on your toes to get the height and balance. no arms flying everywhere, keep your head and torso up, and make sure to land on your toes and roll off the balls of your feet to reduce the noise and the risk of ankle injuries. the landing position is a squatting position. always clean. don't loose balance on the landing.
  • DANCING: Tight, sharp motions, rhythm, facials...
  • CHEERING: tight, sharp motions. project your voice. don't scream, and don't whisper. you should be getting the air from your stomach and using your voice from there.
  • STUNTING: everyone in the group should show strength and stability, as well as flexibility. no talking/laughing while stunting, and all should be working together.
  • TUMBLERS: get a good, clean running start. straight legs and pointed toes. don't loose balance on the landing. always clean.
  • ALWAYS SMILE!!!! nobody likes a dead cheerleader. always show enthusiasm and smiles!! as a matter of fact, that is the most important thing in Cheerleading. ;)
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Becoming cheer captain is a difficult thing! You have to prove to the coaches that you are worthy of such a high reigned position!:) Make sure you show team spirit, leadership, a helping hand, a huge smile, you have good grades, great presence, and you are wearing presentable clothing fallowing their cheer tryout requirement dress code. :D

Most of all, show you can have fun and that you aren't going to act any better than anyone else on the squad or future squad!

GOOD LUCK! Cheer your hardest & smile the biggest!


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Usually you learn simple things like toe touches, pikes, etc. You will probably learn a cheer or 2 and a cheer/dance routine. Tryouts usually last 3 to 4 days and on the last day you show the coaches all that you've learned.

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Smile, look confident, be loud, outgoing, know your stuff, be sharp in motions, dont be scared and have a good time!

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Q: How can you make it in cheer tryouts?
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Can you make a cheerleading squad with your friends?

well you could make the cheer team with your friends but it all depends on how good you did and how good your friends did at tryouts

How do you to totally mess up cheer tryouts?

Show up drunk?

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How do I make cheer tryouts?

If you want to be a cheerleader, you need to find out when the tryouts for your school are. Then you need to sign up for them. While waiting to hear if you can try out, you should praactice several of your tem's cheers, so that the judges can see what you will bring to the squad.

How do you cheer lead for youngsters?

if you go to an elemntry school you should have a football team and you can ask if they have cheerleading tryouts

All-star cheer tryouts?

depends on the gym. google the gym and their website should pop up.

Can cheer tryouts be in the beginning of the school year?

I guess depending on the school? But most likely yes , so you can get your routine done and be ready for all the competitions in the cheer season . :)

What do you tell someone who didn't make the football tryouts?

"Sorry, you didn't make the tryouts"

How can you bring cheer leading into your school?

1. Make sure your school can afford it 2. Start an athletic team mostly football 3.Host tryouts 4.Ask principal is it okay

What to wear to cheet tryouts?

What you should wear to cheer tryouts unless the coaches tell you diffren are, shorts preferably school colors! shirt either white or a school color, and cheer shoes! if you dont have cheer shoes try to wear white ones or ones that are a school color! DONT FORGET A HAIR BOW!!!!!! (school colored)! hope this helped u! love always :) Miss.cheerleader

Is it hard to make an Afl roster in open player tryouts?

IT is easy to make an roster in open player tryouts

What do you think are the best jumps for a cheer for tryouts?

A toe touch is by far the best jump. Most importmant thing.....point your toes!!