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The commonwealth games are already a very successful sporting event that occur every 4 years. One of the advantages of the commonwealth games over the Olympics is that the latter have become so vast and expensive to host only large and well developed cities can stage them while the commonwealth games are on a lot smaller scale and therefore are open to smaller cities to host

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Q: How can you make commonwealth games more succuessful?
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Why is Ireland not in the Commonwealth Games any more?

Ireland left the Commonwealth in 1949. As it is not a member of the Commonwealth, there is no reason why it would participate in the Commonwealth Games.

Which one has more sports Commonwealth or Olympics?

The Olympics has more sports than the Commonwealth Games.

What would happen if the commonwealth games became more popular than the Olympic games?

This is unlikely to happen as the Commonwealth games are limited to countries from the British Commonwealth and are therefore a lot smaller than the Olympic Games.

How many athletes are participating in commonwealth games 2010?

More than 6000 athletes are participating in 2010 commonwealth games.

How many atheletes will be involved in the 2010 commonwealth games?

More than 6000 athletes are participating in 2010 commonwealth games.

What would consequences be if commonwealth games became more popular than Olympics?

This is unlikely to happen as the Commonwealth games are limited to countries from the British Commonwealth and are therefore a lot smaller than the Olympic Games.

Has southern Ireland had any gold medals for boxing in the last 25 years in the Commonwealth games?

The Republic of Ireland has not been a member of the Commonwealth since 1949 and so has not been eligible to participate in the Commonwealth Games for more that 60 years. Therefore it cannot have won any medals in the Commonwealth Games in the last 25 years.

How many participants are there in commonwealth games in 2010?

more than 6000.

What are the benefits of hosting the commonwealth games?

The benefits of hosting the Commonwealth Games are increased tourism, global exposure, commercial success, more spots allocated in sports and increased national pride.

How many and when did Canada host the commonwealth games?

Canada has hosted the Commonwealth Games on four different occasions: 1930 (Hamilton), 1954 (Vancouver), 1978 (Edmonton) and 1994 (Victoria). Only Australia (five times) has hosted the Games on more occasions.

How do you make commonwealth games successful?

The success of the Commonwealth Games relies upon them remaining loyal to their nickname, "The Friendly Games". They cannot compete with the Olympic Games due to the smaller number of counties competing which reduces the television audience and therefore the income and the budget. As a result they have to remain the Friendly Games by allowing all countries to enter a competitor even if they are not of a decent standard plus they must continue to promote the more minority sports.

What is the idea and concept behind organizing commonwealth games?

CWG in these games more than 70 countries participates,brings unity

Why isn't Equestrian in the Commonwealth Games?

Because you need more than common wealth to play it.

How many countries make up the commonwealth of nations?

more than 54

Why do they use medals instead of ribbons or gems you the commonwealth?

because medals make you even more prouder

What is the minimum number of core sports the host city must choose in the Commonwealth Games?

The minimum number of core sports a host city must choose is ten. The core sports are designed to attract more viewers and more spectators to the Games.

How is the host city for Commonwealth Games chosen?

Each city wishing to submit a bid makes a 30-minute presentation to the General Assembly of the Commonwealth Games Federation, which then votes on the cities. If no city gets more than 50% of the vote, the lowest-scoring city is removed from the ballot and they vote again, until there is only one remaining.

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Why are events such as Commonwealth Games important in global cities like Delhi?

if you are looking for commonwealth games events this is the right place you should look. the events in the commonwealth games are squash, tennis, hockey, netball, rugby, javelin, table tennis, gymnastics men's and woman's, cycling, swimming, synchronised swimming, diving, synchronised diving and many more.Thanks for telling these sports ....but I wanted to know why these sport events are important in a global city like Delhi....

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What are the effects of Commonwealth Games on common man?

i think their will more stress on common ppl due to CWG..the prices will rise very high & more of the tax will be added to commen or daily need things

What would be some possible consequences should the commonwealth games become more popular than the Olympic games?

it would never happen . i have the same question i have to anser and i put stuff like : the olympic games might not be able to sell as meny tickets and stuf like that :)

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