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Two seconds in a hundred meter sprint is a lot. Practice and proper attire may help.

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Q: How can you knock 2 seconds of your 100M sprint?
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What is the fastest 100m sprint?

9.59 secs usain bolt9.58 seconds, made by Usain BoltThe fastest man in the 100m sprint is Jamaica's Usain Bolt, with a 9.58s finish at Berlin, Germany, August 16, 2009.The fastest time is 8.12 sec achieved by a 11 year old boy in 2010.Answer 2:9.58 : Usain Bolt (the first person is incorrect)

Is it possible to increase your 100m time by 2 seconds in 1-4 years?


World record in running in 2009?

There were 2 significant world records in running in 2009, namely the 100m and 200m. Both were set by Usain Bolt from Jamaica at the World Championships in Berlin, Germany. His time for the 100m was 9.85 seconds and for the 200m 19.19 seconds.

How do you run the 800 meters?

well the 800m is 2 times aroud the field so first you have to pase your self. then go a little faster and the last 100m you sprint.

What is the fastest time for a 13 year old boy in a 100m and 200m?

Ok, well I'm 13 years old (male) and I can run 100m in 11.89 seconds but i don't know about 200m, I think i got something in the 24 seconds. well i am 13 and i do 11.3 for 100m and i do a 22.7 for 200m but i am the state champion 15.5 is average I'm 13 (male) and I can run the 100m in 12.3 seconds and the 200m 25.7 I'm 14 (just turned 2 weeks ago) and I ran the 100m in 11.04seconds and run the 200m in 22.0 flat the 400m in 49.77 and the 110m hurdles in 13.92(male).

How much will spikes help you in the 100m dash?

Compared to flat shoes spikes will reduce the time in a 100m by approximately 2-3%. Therefore if you run 12 seconds in flat shoes you could run around 11.6-11.8s.

I have both Knock knees and flat foot and if i run consecutively for 2 days for only short distances like 5km OR sprint the 100m once i feel pain thereafter so am i able to enlist in the army?

unfortunetly no, you cannot enter the army with flat feet,if you were in war and couldn't run you would put you'reself and you're comrades in danger!

What is the perimeter of a running track?

A running track that has 2*100m straights and 2* 100m bends is 460.1m

How do you factor 100m squared-49n squared?

100m^2-49n^2 (10m+7n)(10m-7n) the middle term cancels out.

How long did it take asafa Powell to run the 100m?

Asafa Powell's personal best 100 metres time is 9.72 seconds, achieved on September 2, 2008 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

What American football posistion should you play I am 17 you are 6ft 2 or 3 around 15 stone with muscle bulk and can run the 100m in around 11 seconds?

1.) I don't believe you... 2.) Randy Moss

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