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You need to sign up with your parent's permission. You will have to get a medical exam first.

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Q: How can you join little league softball?
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What is the size of the softball used for girls little league?

A 10 inch softball is used for little league but in 12u you change to a 12 inch softball.

How many innings does little league softball?


Is there softball in every country?

there is softball in a lot of countries--- watch the little league softball world series in the summer

Does girls youth softball have a World Series?

yes there is a girls little league softball world series

Can a little league softball player play three in park games then be moved to minor league softball due to player coach issues?


How far is the pitcher's mound in little league softball?

40 feet.

How do you join a little league?

You Have To Keep Playing

Can you slide to first base in little league fast pitch softball?


How far apart are the bases in girls little league softball?

60 feet

Has anybody heard of viera suntree little league softball?

yes the girls

When did the little league baseball let girls play baseball?

In 1974 little league baseball was expanded to both genders as girls were allowed to play little league baseball. The little league softball for girls was created.

How far is pitchers mound from home plate in little league softball?

The pitching distances for Little League Softball are as follows: Minor Division - 35 feet Little League (Major Division) - 40 feet Junior Division - 40 feet Senior and Big League Division - 43 feet

How far is it from home plate to pitchers mound in little league softball?

40 feet.

When was National Softball League created?

National Softball League was created in 2009.

How far do softball little league pitchers throw?

Little League : Minors 35 feet Majors 40 feet Everything above that is 43 feet

Can a little league softball picture leave the mound and pitch later in same game?

yes, they can.

How many bases are on a softball diamond?

there are only 3 bases on any diamond in US/American baseball/softball/little league type of fields.

In little league softball what is the distance from pitcher to home plate?

46 feet.

When was Vienna Girls Softball League created?

Vienna Girls Softball League was created in 1965.

Can a little league junior softball pitcher complete a continued game and then pitch the next day?

yes, there are no rules/regulations for pitching in softball. that's just baseball.

How far away is the pitchers mound to home plate in little league softball?

It depends which division you are in. Minors- 35' Majors- 40' Junior and Seniors - 43' This is for Little League play.

What year did softball join the Olympics?


How many softball players are professional in the major league?

There are 14 teams in the National Pro Fastpitch Softball League.

What is the difference between Major League Baseball and major league softball?

A baseball is smaller and harder than a softball.

What is the pitching distance of a pitching rubber to home plate in little league 13 and Under for Softball?

40 feet