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When you catch the ball you are only able to move on one foot and pivot on the other. If you move both feet the other team will get the ball.

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perform a number of drills and practise

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Q: How can you improve footwork in netball?
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When footwork is used in netball what is the penalty?

Free pass to other team

What is the penalty for footwork in the circle in netball?

Free pass to the non-offending team.

What is footwork for netball?

girls/boys usually wear covered in runners.... that are comfortable and practical :)

What would the coach do in netball?

the coach would watch out for footwork, contact, off side and stuff like that.

How can you improve your regional netball WD skills?


In netball when is a free pass awarded?

a free pass is given when the opposition preforms a fault on their own such as footwork, throws the ball off court etc.. A penalty pass is given when the opposing team contacts or obstructs a player.

How do you improve your soccer talent?

By practising with both feet, and performing different activities to increase fitness, fast footwork and awareness

What skills do you need for netball?

== == == == In Netball, you will need, running skills, catching skills, throwing skills, defending/intersecting skills, shooting skills, teamwork skills, dodging skills, footwork skills, good coordination and stopping skills. Your brain will also need to think fast.

What the correct footwork for basketball?

There is no correct footwork. The footwork is different for everyone, as the size of the players are different. It also depends on what they are doing. Footwork for posting up is different for the footwork of a layup.

Why Do Umpires blow the whistle for footwork in netball?

Because doing footwork is a foul, so the opposition gets a free pass. The umpire has to blow the whistle to stop the other players continuing.

What skills does catching a netball involve?

when passing a netball you have to throw from the chest if you want a good pass

What is the rule in netball about how your feet must land?

You cannot move the foot you land on first, for example if i land left then right i can pivot on my left, by moving my right foot.!! if the landed foot is moved then its called footwork.