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well..i am 13 now but i have been playing softball for a HAVE to practice. throw with a partner and make sure you aim at their chest (for tips/steps, just ask).and if you need to get better at feilding, make sure you have your body in front of the ball.have the glove on the ground and your hand right above your wrist so you can stop it on a ground ball. For batting,it takes time.just step toward the ball and keep your eye on the ball!

any questions?

Find a league to play in that focuses on instruction so that you are matched with other players that are learning how to play. Also, if you can attend, there are camps that focus on improving your softball skills and they are aimed at players at all skill levels. Seek out people you know that play and are good at softball and ask them for advise, tips and see if they can help your practice. Batting cages also are a good way to get practice at watching and hitting the ball. Once you get the fundamentals down, then you can try more advance techniques. And most of all, have fun!
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2012-05-31 20:15:59
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Q: How can you get good at softball?
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