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Sports teach you to become a leader, work with other people, make good practicing habits, and most importantly you become disciplined.

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Q: How can you build character from hard work and team sports?
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Related questions

How does participation in team sports helps to build good character?

Team sports build character by teaching you discipline, team work, winning and losing gracefully as well as determination. There is a lot that can be learned from the participation in sports.

How do sports build friendships?

Sports build friendships by working as a team ,talking to team members and of course having fun.

Are team sports better than induvidual sports and why?

Team sports are better because they develope good character.

Why is it good to have sports you school?

So you can have fun, get some exercise, and build teamwork (on team sports).

Why is hard to play sports against a team of big cats?

There cats

What are uses of sports?

Sports are a good form of exercise, build team work, enhance dexterity (hand / eye co-ordination) and help character development with respect to winning/loosing.Then there are spectators that take pleasure from watching the sports. Merchandising, sponsorship etc. etc. etc.

Why should teenagers play sport?

Not only can sports keep teenagers healthy and active, they can help build self-confidence and a feeling of belonging. Sports helps to keep kids on track with school and their future. They learn hard work, dedication, respect and team work.

Which has more benefits team sports or individual sports?

I know team sports because you are seen worldwide. Hard to decide as some people prefer to do things their own way and dont contribute to teams mucch'.. Team sports are much better but with most team sports there is one player that is a superstar on the team so you just have to watch out for that.

What skill you get if play a sport?

Team Sports - You can build leadership, determination, teamwork and cooperation. Individual Sports - You can build individual work ethic, self confidence and responsibility.

Sport build good charcter?

Team sports generally do. It's the interaction, not the game.

How sports build friendship?

Starting on a new team is frightening, meeting new people help you get used to the team and create friendships.

Do sports help you build confidience?

Yes, if you play with a good team that works well together

How do sports build stronger relationships?

by keeping the team together and get to know each player

Is any sport is build friendship?

All team sports are made up of friends. Sports such as Soccer, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball.

How can team sports like softball build relationships among players?

All the team members play together and take care of each other.

What are the differences between team sports and individual team sports?

In team sports u have to trust your team but in individual sports u have to work by urself ..

How is team work in sports important?

Team work is the most important aspect of any sports team. If the teams did not work together, than the games would be complete chaos and members that do work hard will begin to resent members that don't.

What are five adjectives that associate with sports?

Hard-work, focus, team-play, patience and strength.

What is the correct grammar between team sports or sports team?

A sports team is grammatically correct.

What must one do to be admitted to a weights sport team?

Certain sports teams may have requirements on weight or have weight categories. One can do weight training in order to build muscle or exercise in order to lose weight to be admitted to the sports team.

Do sports help kids health?

yes, kids need a socially active lifestyle AND a physically active lifestyle. It's healthy when they get outdoors and do sports, because it Builds team work and friendships. Helps you build your work ethic and values (hard work). Allows you to feel as a part of something bigger, keeps you out of trouble, and many sports/coaches promote good grades.

How can a 13 year old build muscle?

A 13 year old can build muscle by engaging in physical activity. This includes team sports, running, riding a bike, or swimming.

What sports team was formed in 1966 as a tribute to Boeing being awarded the contract to build the Boeing 2707?

The Seattle SuperSonics.

What are the differences between group team sports and individual team sports?

Team sports are based on a single persons performance, such as wrestling. Team sports are based on the performance of a group, such as basketball.

Punchline algebra what would you have to give up if you were the last person on earth?

Team sports :-)