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It takes a lot of effort and trainning.

Join a well established soccer club and get a proper goalkeeper kits.

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Q: How can you be a professional goalkeeper?
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Who is the world's oldest professional goalkeeper?


Has a goalkeeper ever scored in professional soccer?

Yes in penalties and freekicks

What age is the youngest goalkeeper in professional soccer?

You aske the question wrong. The answer is 18

What is the average size of a professional soccer goalkeeper?

5 feet some times 6

Who is the Barcelona substitute goalkeeper?

pinto... hes the man.. best braided pony tail in professional futbol

Who is the smallest ever goalkeeper to play in professional football?

It was Mexico's Jorge Campos I believe. Only 5ft. 6

How many players are on the field for professional soccer?

22 11 on each team counting the goalkeeper

Who is the tallest professional goalkeeper in the world?

Kristof van Hout - 2.08m - (6ft10)Belgian Goalkeeper who plays for the Belgium Jupiler League club, Standard Liege.Check out the link in the Related Links. It will show you the 15 tallest players in the world. not all goalkeepers, but #1 is a goalkeeper.

Can you be a goalkeeper on FIFA 13?

Yes, You can be a goalkeeper in fifa 13. There is a goalkeeper mode in fifa 13 where you can practice your skills as a goalkeeper and see the game with the his perspective.

What is the Greek word for goalkeeper?


Who is the goalkeeper for the Bristol Rovers?

Currently, Scott Bevan is the goalkeeper. The second goalkeeper is Lance Cronin.

How much time do a professional have to run?

If they play a full match they would probably be running for about 70 minutes out of the 90. A goalkeeper would be far far less.

Who was Liverpools champions league goalkeeper in 2005?

Liverpools champion goalkeeper was the Polish goalkeeper in 2005 Jerzey Dudek.

Does Steven Gerrard's brother play soccer for an English club?

His older brother Paul does not play professional football, although there is a professional goalkeeper of the same name, who used to play for Everton. His cousin Anthony does play for Cardiff City.

Who is the oldest professional footballer in Britain?

The Oldest Professional football player in Britain is the 47 year old goalkeeper Kevin Poole. Poole plays for Burton Albion in the nPower League 2. Poole is also current Caretaker manager for Burton

What is the definition of goalkeeper?

Goalkeeper is a position in some sports.

What players helps the goalkeeper?

Defenders assist the goalkeeper.

Is petr chec a good goalkeeper?

Oh yes Petr Cech is a good goalkeeper , he was once the worlds best goalkeeper.

What is the role of a goalkeeper in football?

The goalkeeper has a very important role in football. The goalkeeper protects the goal in order to keep the other team from scoring a goal. This helps the goalkeeper's team have a better chance of winning.

Be a goalkeeper in FIFA 10?

No. you can only be a goalkeeper on FIFA 11.

Who is the goalkeeper for Chelsea?

Petr Čech is the name of the goalkeeper for Chelsea.

Can a goalkeeper kick a penalty kick?

Yes, a goalkeeper can take penalties.

Who was first England goalkeeper?

The first goalkeeper was Andrew Vartell in 200AD

Who is the goalkeeper of chelsea?

The goalkeeper for the soccer team, Chelsea is Petr Čech.

How many players of a team play on a professional soccer game?

It depend on what they play 5 4, 5 3, 5 5,there are many ways to play one is 12 people.