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You get signed

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Q: How can you be a player for Italian football clubs?
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What are the most famous Italian football teams?

The most famous Italian football clubs are A.C.Milan Inter Milan , Juventus and Atlanta.

Who was Liverpool football clubs first million pound football player?


Who has played for the most European football clubs?

The player in most clubs is Nicolas Anelka of France.

Can nepali football player participate in europen clubs?


Does Italian football have winter breaks?

There is no winter break ,even though clubs ask for it now.

Who is the only football player to play for 8 London clubs?


Who is Croatia Football Clubs best player?

luka modric from spurs

Who is the best football player ever in Scottish clubs?

Kenny dalgliesh

How many football clubs are there in the UK?

92 Professional Football clubs from what I gather.I dont think there is a record of Amateur Football Clubs tho.

What are some famous Italian football teams?

The main famous Italian clubs are Juventus, A.C. Milan. Inter Milan, Lazio, Parma, Bari, Napoli.

How many football clubs are there in England?

360 football clubs in 16 leagues

Was football player George Blanda Italian?

I believe he was Czechoslovakian.

Spanish clubs English clubs and Italian clubs which is the best?

english clubs followed by spanish

Who was Aldershot football clubs longest serving player 1960 - 1970?

Alan Burton

Which football player has won the European cup with 4 different clubs?

Clarence Seedorf

Who was Nottingham forest football clubs first million pound football player?

Trevor Francis, signed from Birmingham in 1979.

What are the highlights in the career of Aquilani?

Alberto Aquilani is a famous Italian football (soccer) player. He is known for his quick passing and long-range shooting. He played with several clubs, including Roma, Liverpool, and Milan.

Who is Liverpool football clubs most capped English player?

Steven Gerrard! Liverpool Captain.

Which football player has played for 9 different clubs in 7 countries?

I think it may be MIDO

When was Piraeus Football Clubs Association created?

Piraeus Football Clubs Association was created in 1925.

When was Athens Football Clubs Association created?

Athens Football Clubs Association was created in 1924.

When was Phocis Football Clubs Association created?

Phocis Football Clubs Association was created in 1985.

What are the clubs in football?


Which football clubs have scouts?

All major clubs have scouts.

What is Roberto Baggio famous for?

Roberto Baggio was an Italian football player who won FIFA World Player of the Year in 1993. He went on to become the President of the Technical Sector of the The Italian Football Federation (FIGC).