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Q: Who is the only football player to play for 8 London clubs?
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How many GAA clubs in Galway?

Including Hurling only, Gaelic Football only and dual clubs, there are about 81 clubs in Galway.

Do international football players get paid?

NO they only get paid by there clubs.

How many football clubs in Britain for the world cup?

In the world cup only countries take part, not clubs.

Who is the only football player to win 3 league tiltles with 3 different clubs in a row?

it is trevor Stevens i think everton rangers and marseille

Who gets a champions league medal?

Everyone who reaches the finals and are registered as a proffessional football player(The first team only) in one of the two clubs in the final.

How many amateur football clubs are there in the UK?

there is only 9 and the best one is FC Aztec

Which English footballer played in all the football leaques?

In terms of league appearances, Peter Shilton has made the most with 1005 games. The only player who played with the most number of English football clubs is John Burridge.

Who is the only player to have won the Champions League with 3 different clubs name player and clubs?

clarence seedorf - Ajax, Real Madrid, AC Milan

What are the richest football clubs as at 2010?

The three richest football clubs in 2010 are 1) Real madrid, Barcelona and 3) Manchester United. But only Real Madrid has made over 4000 million pounds.

Who is the worst football player ever?

No player is worst in football, it is only the luck and skills that matters.

Whose the only football player to win 3 champions league medals with 3 different European clubs?

Clarence Seedorf, currently playing for Serie A side AC Milan.

Have away goals rule ever counted in English football?

no only in london

Who is Only player to play in champions league for 3 English clubs?

Nicolas anelka?

Which English player has won fa cup premiership and football league championship?

Ryan Giggs. (If there is another then that player would have played for Blackburn, Arsenal or Chelsea since those are the only clubs in addition to Man United that have won the Premiership.)

List of the world richest football club from 2007?

It is Real Madrid, followed by Manchester United.These two clubs last year were the only clubs to make300 million pounds earnings.

What was Eric cantona's London club?

Eric 'Le King' Cantona never played for a club in london. The only clubs he played for in the UK was Leeds United and Manchester United

Who is the only player to be relegated from the premier league five times with five different clubs?


Who is the only player to have played in the Premiership for six different clubs?

Wayne Rooney

Only football player to go from high school to pro?

football player to go from high school to pro

How much do sponsors pay to football players?

if you are a really good football player you nearly get 25 million pounds but if you are not a good football player you only get 6 or 5p.

Name the only team of the 92 top English football clubs whose name starts with 5 consonants?

Crystal Palace

Who is the only player to play both cricket and football world cup?

The only player to play both cricket and football world cups is Sir Vivian Isaac Richards.

How much is ross mccormack worth?

The playey has no value per say. The only way you can value a football player is, how important the player it to the club, and how big the club is. McCormack should cost around £5-£7million, being the top goal scorer in the league and the best player at the club. But other clubs can see a different value of the player (that is why clubs like West Ham up there bid from £3.5million-£5million). It all depends on the person buying the player.

Who is the only English player to have played in the champions league for 3 different English clubs?

David Batty

How old do you have to be to go clubbing in london?

Ideally, you have to be at least 18 years old in order to go clubbing in London. However, there are certain clubs that will only admit people who are 21 years and above.