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Soccer is all about stamina. If a player does not have the stamina to maintain the physical activity required, they will be beaten to the ball and the the goal every time.

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Q: How can stamina affect your performance in soccer?
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How does the psi in a soccer ball affect its performance?

heyy does the price of the soccer ball affect its performance?

How dehydration affect performance in soccer player?

dehydration affects a soccer players performance because it can cause leg cramps, stitches.

A sentence with stamina?

You need a lot of stamina to play soccer.

What affect has the media had on David Beckham's soccer performance?

he gets to many pictures

What does soccer do?

Soccer is a sport that improves your stamina and foot-eye coordination.

Does music affect the performance of kicking a soccer ball?

it affects guys more than girls.

How does soccer help you destress?

By Conditioning your stamina -AG

How does age affect your performance in sport?

Age will not let you do well in sport, when young you were faster and had more stamina, but as you age you tire more quickly.

How can Culture affect sporting performance?

in some cultures such as England if you come from America and you go to England to play soccer then you'll have trouble because people from England call soccer football and if you don't know what it means then they will think that you want to play football. Because they also call football soccer. and then you will be playing football instead of soccer and that can affect your sporting performance.

What sport do you use stamina?

The ovious answer is swimming but stamina is also used in soccer, rugby and long distant running.

What sports requires stamina and aerobic capacity?

Soccer and basketball.

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