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Sports builds muscles. It depends what sport you play because each sport builds different muscles.

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Q: How can sports make you stronger?
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Related questions

Does playing sports make you stronger?

Yes sports can make you stronger. They make you stronger physically and emotionally. They can build muscle and they can teach you that your going to have wins and loses which is just like successes and failures in life.

How does durgs affects sports performance?

they can make you faster and stronger

How does sports effect a person's lifestyle?

it depends which sport it is. some make you healthier and you lose weight. other sports make you stronger and more flexible.

Can sports make you strong and healthy?

Yes, sports can make you strong and healthy becauase the build muscle to make you stronger. But, so can eating right and having a healthy lifestyle.

Why shouldn't steroids in sports be legalized?

even though steroids make you stronger, it is an illegal drug that can make you go crazy

What are 3 benefits that can be achieved through sports?

Sports help people maintain a healthy weight, keep muscles toned, and make your heart stronger.

Why are sports a healthy activity?

They work out your body and make you stronger. They get rid of excess fat and keep your heart healthy.

What sport should you play if you wanted stronger bones?

what sports should you do when you want to get stronger

Do steroids make you stronger?

No they do not make you stronger.

What can you do to make your heart muscles stronger?

with cardiac exercise. such as running, biking, or even walking. Team sports are good too.

How do sports affect your health?

Sports help people stay physically fit. They burn excess fat, and make your heart stronger. Sports like running and swimming affect your health because they require muscles all around your body make you strong.

What is sports training?

Sports Training is where the players of a team train to get better at the sport or where they get stronger at their position

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