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i am a Ballet dancer my self to be able to become a better dancer, you need to be able to hold your posture throughout the dance also to hold your turn outs of your feet from your hip, you will achieve this by tensing your bottom muscules;

i hoped this helped!

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Q: How can i be such of a good ballet dancer that you get moved up a level?
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What is a noun meaning good dancer?

ballet dancer, ballerina

What is a good sentence for the word ballet?

She has me interested in everything that has to do with ballet. The dancer excelled in ballet. I must leave now if I am to see the opening of tonight's ballet performance.

What does a ballet dancer need to get started?

A good school and a hard working attitude.

What are some dance genres that originated from ballet?

from ballet, contemporary evolved, to be a good contemporary dancer u need to be ballet trained, modern jazz also developed from ballet.

What is the difference between a principle dancer and a soloist dancer in ballet?

A soloist dancer doesnt get the main parts but can, they r good. The princibles are the best of the best

Are you too tall to be a ballet dancer?

Yea some companies have height recommendations. but if ur a good dancer it wont matter

Why is tiler peck a famous dancer?

Becuase she is a pricipal dancer at New York City Ballet... So she's REALLY good.

Are you suitable for being a dancer even though you do not do ballet dancing?

no... well..... there are jazz dancers and tap dancers but if you want to be good take ballet.

How much training do you need to become a dancer?

Depending on what type of dance and what level you're pursuing, it could take from a moderate to a very long time. My sister has done ballet for 19 years of her life and shes 21 and she just made it into the miami city ballet company as a core dancer! Good luck!

Why is ballet important?

It gives a dancer good posture. It improves all other dancing and makes the dancer more disciplined. It is the base of all dance.

What degree do you get to be a ballet dancer?

You do not need a degree to become a ballet dancer, only years and years of training at a good ballet school and talent. If you are interested in going to college in order to improve your dancing before joining a company you would get a BA, BFA, or sometimes BS, depending on the school.

How do you get a license of teacher of ballet?

You don't need a license to teach ballet. If you want to be a ballet teacher you need to have strong ballet technique, and good exprience. You need to understand that no ballet dancer should go en pointe befor teh age of 12 and what it takes to become a professional ballet dancer as many of your students may want to know this. receiving a B.F.A. in ballet for sure helps. What also helps is being a professional dancer, but this isn't required. Start out my finding a ballet school and contacting the school asking if they have jobs available. Create a good resume, too. Remember to always provide your ballet students with a challengng, but friendly atmosphere where they can improve. To be the best ballet teacher keep your dancers posted on their strengths and areas in need of improvemnet. Good luck!

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