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You can get 15 points on football by (note if I don't mention anything with a touchdown, then there is no extra points involved):

  • 1 touchdown with field goal (7), 1 touchdown with conversion (8)
  • 1 touchdown with field goal (7), 1 touchdown (6), 1 safety (2)
  • 2 touchdowns (12), 1 field goal (3)
  • 1 touch down with field goal (7), 2 field goals (6), 1 safety (2)
  • 5 field goals (15)
  • 6 safeties (12), 1 field goal (3)
  • 4 safeties (8), 1 touchdown with field goal (7)
  • 3 safeties (6), 1 touchdown (6), field goal (3)
  • 3 field goals (9), 1 touchdown (6)
  • 2 field goals (6), 1 touchdown with field goal (7), 1 safety (2)
  • 1 touchdown with conversion (8), 2 safeties (4), 1 field goal (3)
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A touchdown=6 points

A 2 point conversion=2 points

A field goal=3 points

for a total of 11 points

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they need 2 safeties

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Q: How can a football team score 15 points?
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Does 2-15 in Gaelic football mean what were the names of the 2 teams of 15?

No. It is the score of one team. There are two ways of scoring in Gaelic Football. They are goals, by getting the ball into the net. A goal is worth 3 points. The other way is to score a point, by hitting the ball over the crossbar. The scores are often given showing both the amount of goals scored and the amounts of points scored, rather than the overall total. 2 - 15 means 2 goals and 15 points. That would be a total of 21 points.

To win in squash you need to score .. points?

Squash is an "open" scoring game there is no goal score as it is. Think of it like Basketball, Baseball or football, the team with the highest score wins. 15 American scoreing 9 English scoring bothbest of 5 So what is the answer?

A football team scores one touchdown for 6 points and three field goals for 3 points each How many points do they have in total?

15 points

How many points can you get up to in American football?

In theory, the number of points would be limited by how fast a team could score during the allotted time for the game. A standard football game consists of four 15-minute quarters (12-minute quarters in high-school football and often shorter at lower levels). As an example: if a team could score a touchdown once per minute of a game and make a two-point conversion after each touchdown, then score a safety on the subsequent kickoff to the other team, they could score 600 points in a game. Such a scenario is exceedingly unlikely. The highest actual score in college football is believed to be the 1916 Cumberland vs. Georgia Tech football game, played on October 7, 1916, between the Georgia Tech Engineers and the Cumberland College Bulldogs at Grant Field (now known as Bobby Dodd Stadium) in Atlanta, Georgia. The game became the most lopsided in the history of college football, as Georgia Tech was victorious 222-0. In professional football, the highest score by one team (during playoffs) was 73 points when the Chicago Bears beat the Washington Redskins 73-0 on December 8, 1940. Highest scoring game was when the Washington Redskins beat the New York Giants 72-41 (a total of 113 points between the two teams) on November 27, 1966.

What is an unanswered point in basketball?

It's the same as an unanswered point in any sport. It means, simply that one team scored points, let's say a field goal, for two, and when the other team got the ball, they couldn't score. The first team scored two unanswered points. If one team goes on a run and scores 15 points to the opponents 0 points, they would have been said to have scored 15 unanswered points.

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The Server

What is 15 points out of 25 for a quiz score?

60% (failing)

If the score is love 15 what sport is being played?

It is a tennis score, meaning that the server has no points

If 5 games are played how many point is it played up to in volleyball?

In each set, you play to 25, win by two. If you get to 29-29, the next point decides who wins that set. Winning 2/3 or 3/5 sets wins the match depending on what league you're playing in.

How many sets does a team need to win in a regulation volleyball game?

In a regulation game, a match is usually decided by the best 3 out of 5.

What is the highest possible amount of points you can score in racquetball?

In a tournament the highest amount of points you can score is 11. In a casual game you can go up to 15.