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No. It is the score of one team. There are two ways of scoring in Gaelic Football. They are goals, by getting the ball into the net. A goal is worth 3 points. The other way is to score a point, by hitting the ball over the crossbar. The scores are often given showing both the amount of goals scored and the amounts of points scored, rather than the overall total. 2 - 15 means 2 goals and 15 points. That would be a total of 21 points.

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Q: Does 2-15 in Gaelic football mean what were the names of the 2 teams of 15?
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Irish football can mean one of two things: namely, football (association football/soccer) which is governed by either of the two governing bodies on the island, one on each side of the border (i.e. the FAI - Football Association of Ireland - situated in Dublin, Republic of Ireland, or the IFA - Irish Football Association of Ireland - situated in Belfast, Northern Ireland), or Gaelic Football, one of a range of indigenous Irish sports, the official rules of which were drawn up in 1884 in a hotel in Thurles, Co. Tipperary, Republic of Ireland. For more information on Gaelic Football and its sister sports (Hurling, Camogie and Handball), it may be prudent to visit the website of the governing body, the Gaelic Athletic Association, at

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