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The Goal Attack (GA) or Goal Shooter (GS) are the only two positions that are allowed to try and shoot for a goal. To make a goal in Netball, you must be within the semi-circle of your teams goal. Remember if you throw the ball, and it does not make it in the hoop, you are only allowed to catch it if it hits the rim of the hoop always it would be called a replay ball.

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Q: How can a 'goal' be scored in netball?
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How is a goal scored in netball?

a goal is scored when they trough the ball into te hoop

How do you decide who has the next centre pass after a goal is scored in netball?

it alternates between each team after the goal has been scored.

How mant thirds are marked on a netball court?

there are 3 thirds on a netball court, with each end cort containing a semi circle know was the goal 'D'. this is the only section of the court that a goal can be scored from.

How wide is a netball goal?

the netball goal is 60cm wide

Who can shot in netball?

In netball, the goal shooter and the goal attack can shoot.

What is a centre pass in netball?

a centre pass is when a pass has been taken from the centre at the begging of the game or when a goal has been scored

How tall is a netball goal post?

A netball goal post is 3 metres.

How is a goal scored in net ball?

When either the GA (goal attack) or GS (goal shooter) throw the netball up into the hoop in the goal circle. The goal circles are at each end of a netball court. The only players allowed in a circle is the GA, GS, GD (goal defence from opposing team) and GK (goal keeper also from the opposing team.

How much is one goal in netball?

1 goal in netball is worth 1 point

Where is the goal keeper allowed in netball?

in netball the goal keeper is only allowed in the third quad of the netball set-out. it belongs where the goal shooter is allowed to go.

What is the goal of a netball court?

to get a goal in the hoop

Explain how an umpire keeps the score in netball?

Each goal which is scored by a Goal Attack or Goal Shooter is worth 1 point, so you just add it up one by one, each time a team scores a goal

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