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200 feet by 80 feet

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Q: How big is an NHL hockey rink?
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What is the length of an NHL hockey rink?

A regulation size NHL hockey rink is 200 feet long.

How long is an ice hockey rink?

An NHL hockey rink is 200 ft long. An international hockey rink is 61 m long.

How big is a minor hockey ice rink?

All ice hockey rink dimensions are the same incept for NHL size and Olympic size. NHL- 85 by 200 feet. Olympic- 100 by 200 feet.

How big is the hockey rink for the Islanders?

The ice surface is the same for all NHL teams; 200 feet long, by 85 feet wide.

Size of an ice hockey rink?

It varies, an NHL size rink is 200 ft by 85 ft while an International rink is 200 ft by 98 ft.

What is the name of the olympic hockey rink?

The rink that the 2010 Vancouver Olympic hockey games were played was called Canada Hockey Place. It is also the home of the NHL team, the Vancouver Canucks, and is called General Motors Place.

What length is a hockey rink in meters?

A standard hockey rink in the NHL is 61 meters long. This is also the standard length in Olympic hockey, although the Olympic rink is wider. Beyond such leagues where a standard size is required, the game can be played on almost any size of rink, and is often simply fit to the available circumstance.

What are the dimensions of a high school hockey rink?

85 feet by 100 feet, which is the same for college hockey and the NHL in North America.

What is the distance between the goal line and the blue line of a nhl hockey rink?

64 feet

What shape is a hockey rink?

a hockey rink is oval.

What rink do they play ice hockey in Denmark?

A hockey rink.

What is bigger-hockey rink or basketball court?

Hockey rink. NHL rinks are 200' x 85' and Olympic size rinks are 200' x 100' Basketball Courts are a much smaller 94' x 50'.

How big is an NHL rink?

The official NHL rinks are usually 85 × 200 ft (26 × 61 m).

What color is the center line on an NHL hockey rink?

The center line in a regulation NHL rink is colored Red. Virtually all youth, Junior, College, Pro and Adult league teams follow the same color scheme.

What size was the hockey rink in Salt Lake City Olympics?

28x60 (average between IIHF & NHL)

What is the perimeter of a standard hockey rink?

The perimeter of a hockey rink is close to 522 feet. The rink is 200 feet long and has a width of 85 feet.

Is a hockey rink the same size as a basketball court?

a hockey rink is bigger

When was Rink Hockey Bundesliga created?

Rink Hockey Bundesliga was created in 1920.

How long is a NHL ice rink?

An official NHL rink measures 200 feet long.

How big is a high school hockey rink?

200ft long and 85ft wide

How long is a regulation NHL ice rink?

An official NHL rink measures 200 feet long.

How big is a 3 vs 3 hockey rink?

It's not that big, maybe a few inches smaller

What is the official standard size dimensions for a NHL hockey rink?

Hockey rinks come in a variety of sizes. However in North America there are two standard sizes, one being the official NHL dimensions which are 61 meters by 26 meters.

What is the perimeter in feet of a standard hockey rink?

The perimeter of a standard hockey rink is about 522 feet.

What is the surface area of a hockey rink?

The surface area of a hockey rink is ice. Water that is frozen.