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A pro hockey rink is 185 x 85 feet.


All NHL rinks are 200 x 85 feet. The old Boston Garden and Chicago stadium were shorter, but that is no longer allowed. Olympic rinks are 200 x 100 feet.


An inline hockey rink is 185 x 85 ideally, but minimum size is 145 x 65 for most national and state championships. There is no exact size because of the many different sanctioning bodies of the sport. It lacks the leadership that the NHL, NFL, or NBA provides their respecting sports. For Ice Hockey rinks, Jims answer is almost perfect. North American rinks (NHL) are 200ft x 85ft. However the rest of the world uses metric so a more accurate 30m x 61m is the Olympic rink size as well as the size for most leagues over seas.


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Q: How big is a hockey rink?
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What shape is a hockey rink?

a hockey rink is oval.

What rink do they play ice hockey in Denmark?

A hockey rink.

How long is an ice hockey rink?

An NHL hockey rink is 200 ft long. An international hockey rink is 61 m long.

How big is an NHL hockey rink?

200 feet by 80 feet

What is the perimeter of a standard hockey rink?

The perimeter of a hockey rink is close to 522 feet. The rink is 200 feet long and has a width of 85 feet.

Is a hockey rink the same size as a basketball court?

a hockey rink is bigger

When was Rink Hockey Bundesliga created?

Rink Hockey Bundesliga was created in 1920.

How big is a high school hockey rink?

200ft long and 85ft wide

How big is a 3 vs 3 hockey rink?

It's not that big, maybe a few inches smaller

What is the perimeter in feet of a standard hockey rink?

The perimeter of a standard hockey rink is about 522 feet.

What is the surface area of a hockey rink?

The surface area of a hockey rink is ice. Water that is frozen.

When was Rink Hockey French Championship created?

Rink Hockey French Championship was created in 1911.

When was Rink Hockey American Championship created?

Rink Hockey American Championship was created in 2006.

What is the shape of a hockey rink?

the rink is the size of a rectangle

How big is a floor hockey rink?

200 feet long 85 feet wide.

What is the length of an NHL hockey rink?

A regulation size NHL hockey rink is 200 feet long.

What is the blue line on a hockey rink?

The blue line on the hockey rink determines if the player will go offside

Perimeter of a standard hockey rink?

The perimeter of a standard Hockey rink is 570 Feet THANKS

When was USA Rink Hockey National Championship created?

USA Rink Hockey National Championship was created in 1961.

What geometric shape is a hockey rink?

The geometric shape of a Hockey Rink, in my opinon, would be a rectangle. I hope that this helps.

How is ice hockey done?

in an ice hockey rink

What is hockey pitch?

a rink

Is it an ice rink or an ice field in ice hockey?

Ice rink.

What is the name of the Ottawa Senators hockey rink?

The rink is named Scotiabank Place.

Where do you play hockey?

on an ice rink