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the biggest fastpitch softball is 12 in.

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Q: How big is a girls fastpitch softball?
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How many girls play fastpitch softball in the US?


How big is the softball pitching circle in fastpitch softball?

eight foot

What is a good on base percentage for girls fastpitch softball?


Is there a pitching arc rule in girls 12u fastpitch softball?

No, but there should be.

What is the true color of a fastpitch softball?

the color of a fastpitch softball is yellow

What is a good fastpitch softball team name for girls wearing lime green?

the destroyers

Is the rubber closer to the plate in womens fastpitch softball than mens fastpitch softball?

Mens fastpitch softball rubber is 46 feet and womens is 43 feet.

What is the weight of a fastpitch softball?

The weight of a fastfitch softball varies from its size. They aren't that heavy, but they sometimes are if big enough

How many strikes in fastpitch?

There are three strikes in Fastpitch softball.

Why is softball for girls Is softball for grls only?

softball is not just for girls just as baseball is not just for boys. there are coed leagues that guys participate in for softball KY MUSTANGS FASTPITCH SOFTBALL#9 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL LADY RAIDERS SOFTBALL#00

In girls fastpitch softball can the catcher catch a foul ball in her helmet?

No, in no level of softball or baseball can you use your helment or hat to catch a ball

Are softball gloves the same as baseball gloves?

No they are not. 1. Softball gloves are made with larger pockets to accomodate 12" softballs. 2. For Girls/Women's Fastpitch Softball, good gloves have slender fingerstalls to accomodate smaller finger and palms of girls and women. The Coach - Information, Reviews and Rankings for over 50 Fastpitch Softball Gloves

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