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Teams can be eliminated from the world cup in two ways. Either they can be knocked out in the group stage if they lose 2 games or fail to get enough points to progress in anyway or if they lose a match in the knockout stages.

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Q: How are world cup semifinals decided?
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What is the difference between Davis Cup semifinals and World group semifinals?

The World group competition is limited to the 16 countries that are selected to be in the World Group. The Davis Cup competition is open to other countries that are not in the World Group.

When was Bulgaria there first semifinals?

They were in the semi finals in World cup Football 1995.

Who did Germany face in the 1966 World Cup semifinals?

They faced the Soviet Union.

Is India meet Pakistan in world cup semifinals?

Yes India meet Pakistan in world cup semifinals.India won the match.

What is the farthest the us has advanced in the world cup?

At the first World Cup in 1930, the United States made it to the semifinals and finished third.

How many times has Australia reached semifinals of cricket world cup?

4 times

Which countries are in the semifinals of FIFA World Cup 2014?

Brazil, Germany, Netherlands and Argentina qualified for semi-finals in FIFA World Cup 2014.

Does Uruguay lost in 2010 fifa world cup semifinals?

Yes, they were beaten 3 - 2 by the Netherlands.

How many times have Uruguay been in the semifinals of the world cup?

3, twice they won it 34 and 50

Has Korea republic appeared in the World Cup?

Oh yes they have been to many world cups. They even reached the semifinals in 2002.

What is the furthest that the United States has advanced in the world cup?

The United States advanced to the Semifinals in the first World Cup in Uruguay in 1930. Since then, the US has only made it to the Quarterfinals.

Which teams reach the Semifinals in 1999 cricket world cup?

Australia,New Zealand,Pakistan,South Africa