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3, twice they won it 34 and 50

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Q: How many times have Uruguay been in the semifinals of the world cup?
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How many times have Uruguay been in the final of the world cup?

2 times

How many times have Uruguay been in a world cup?

It has won twice

Where has the world cup been held in 1930?


How many times have they been held in America for the world cup?

The World Cup has been held in North America 3 times (Mexico twice, USA once), and South America 4 times (Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Chile).

Has Korea republic appeared in the World Cup?

Oh yes they have been to many world cups. They even reached the semifinals in 2002.

How many times has the urugauy soccer team been to the worldcup?

Uruguay have played totally 11 world cups, including the one they will play in South Africa, and have been two times champions.

Has the world cup ever been held in Uruguay?

Yes it was the 1930 world cup.

How many times has the score of the world cup final has been 4-2?

Three times: 1930 Uruguay-Argentina 1938 Italy-Hungary 1966 England-West Germany

How many goals have Uruguay scored in the history of the world cup altogether?

Uruguay have scored a total of 81 goals in the World Cup since its inauguration in 1930. This includes up to the 2014 tournament. In that time they have been champions twice and came fourth three times.

How many rugby world cup semifinals have England been in?

Four 1991 (2nd) 1995 (4th) 2003 (champion) 2007 (2nd)

What is Uruguays best finishing position at a FIFA World Cup?

Uruguay has been the world champion twice: 1930 and 1950.

When will the next world baseball classic be?

Up to now no hosting countries have been announced,but as in its two previous editions the semifinals and final game will be held in the United States.

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