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369 time before and 98523 times after

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Q: How are the players uniforms laundered in between games?
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Do players on injured reserve dress out in uniforms and be on sideline in nfl for games?

No. Only 53 players may be in uniform; players on injured reserve are not eligible to play again that season. However, they typically accompany the team on the sidelines, out of uniform.

What is the difference between minor and major games?

The biggest difference between the minor and major games is the skill level of the players. Most major league players started in the minor games. Once they are skilled enough they are drafted into the major games.

Did the hockey players had uniforms long time ago?

yes all the way from the begining of a game not only hockey all games had uniform but ofcourse not hifi as of now

How often do tennis players rest during a match?

In a match... In each set, players get a 90 second break between every two games. Between sets, players get 120 seconds.

How many players in PS3 multiplayer?

That depends in the game; most online games support between 2 and 12 players.

Did the lakers ever wear white uniforms?

yes, they wear uniforms every sunday at home games. sometimes they wear their regular uniforms away.

What energy food do tennis players eat on court between games?

Bananas are good.

What do football players eat after games?

football players eat pizza after games

Why do the New York Yankees wear different uniforms for pre season games?

Most Major League teams were what is called "practice" uniforms during pre-season or exhibition games.

What happened to the downloadable NBA playoff and finals games on itunes?

The games have been removed due to the current lockout between the NBA and its players.

What is the difference between th olympic games and the commonwealth games?

they are two deferent competitions both games are only for the unprofessional players but the commonwealth games are only for countries that used to be in the commonwealth =)

Is there games on mp3players?

No there is not games on mp3 players but there are on mp4players because mp3 players are for listening to music.

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