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When the ball hits the floor on the opposite side of the net(while still in the vb court) you get a point, then you can serve. When the ball hits the floor on your side of the net, the other team gets a point and gets to serve.

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To score Points in volleyball!!

1. The ball lands on the other teams side after you hit it over.

2. or it lands on the other teams side after they miss the ball when it is on the side while it is in play.

3. Another way to score points in volleyball is when the other team is At Fault whether it is hitting the net, on the net, over the net, to over when serving, under the net, more than 3 hits

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  • The ball hits the ground on the other team's side.
  • The other team passes, hits, or serves the ball OUT.
  • The other team gets a yellow or red card : )
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Q: How are points made while playing volleyball?
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